Meditation Techniques for Beginners
With the help of a neo meditation cube you can draw in zero point chi energy into your body allowing you to manifest your dreams and desires through the power of consciousness energy. Your Neo will help you relax while relieving yourself of stress. Once you receive your meditation machine simply memorize the activation sequence and be creative as you want...... more
  Transcendental Meditation Mantras
Learn Transcendental Meditation
How do I mediate? By simply following our easy to use protocols on this website you learn simple meditation techniques for beginners as well as more advanced meditations. Follow our free meditations on YouTube to learn how to meditate with transcendental meditations, grabovoi numbers, hypnosis, and much more...... more
How to Transcendental Meditation Transcendental Meditation
The universe is alive and teaming with intelligence. By interacting with the universal akashic blueprint using a technological interface such as the proprietary mix of crystals found in a "Neo" you can help manifest the reality that you always wanted.... more
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