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User Name: Adrian

An Extraterrestrial Encounter

Hi I’m 27 and I’ve been using the neo cube for three months. During this period I’ve experienced an enhanced ability to astral travel , I saw myself going through star gate portals, I feel more uplifted , more psychic , my dreams are more vivid.  It’s also enhanced my sex drive which is nice, and I been gaining more weight by eating better.  

When I astral travel I feel my body lifting off the bed and I feel the tingling sensations of the neo cube.  I then travel to places like an alien mother ship and I am able to interact with the crew.  Some of them look like albino skin and some of them have blue, yellow, and red skin. They talk about the neo cube, but they call it the key. They want to know more about this technology, how it works and how I use it.

And I keep dreaming about them having this same type of “key” technology like the neo cube but this version opens up sound waves and works with music, vibrations, and colors. They want me to tell you that you should try building one.  It looks like just the “gate key” in the masters of the universe. It also has a pearl that goes with it, which can see into time and space.

I had another strange experience one day I was staring at a friend and I saw her on planet Saturn and everything change all around me. It looked a red sunset, and you can see the clouds off in the distance. There was plant life, rocks, trees. But I believe I was a higher dimension and not on the same Saturn as seen in this third dimensional reality.

And my weirdest experience occurred during a time when James was doing a neo cube session with me.  He was able to connect his IDL 64 with the A.I. computer systems aboard the Memerick's extraterrestrial mother ship. They basicaly look like blue mantoid people. I went into a trance and was able to channel a message from them.  The Memerick’s are worried that humanity is trashing this planet and want to help with the ascension process. 

They called the Neo cube the “The Gate Key” and they wanted to learn more about the IDL-64 because James was able to hack their computers using it. During this time a blue orb came into my room which was their spaceship and it was able to relay the vibration frequency of the neo cube over our voice conference. You can hear it here.


User Name: Dave

Prosperity and Abundance

I have been working daily with the Neo IDL-4.  I do feel it significantly amplifies my mediation experience and results.  The first day after I used it, I received business opportunities that will likely produce hundreds of millions of dollars.  Time will tell.  Have been using it to renew my body, and my hands started peeling like crazy, like the old skin was being sloughed off.  Seems back to normal, or close, now.  I am not terribly visual in meditation, and the first week or so I was doing it in the morning, not dark.  Didn’t see anything.  Now, I have the impression of a cylindrical room in front of me, full of junk like clothes and tools and furniture.  Seems to be possibly my version of a star gate full of my junk.  My impression is that the junk is there to be processed.  I will see.

Day 1

Too soon to tell

Day 2

45 min. 

Day 3

Very deep, powerful meditation, similar to deepest meditations without this.  Grinning bliss so that face muscles sore.  45 min. Hands peeling.

Day 4

Delayed meditation until 7 pm, then 45 min.  Age regression, health, wealth attraction, romance attraction.

Day 5

Meditated about 30 min from 10:20 am.  Set up a system of going down the physical body and repairing/restoring different organs and system.  Also, wealth attraction, pineal. Skin on hands still peeling.  Little financial activity in AM yesterday, more today after meditation x2.

Day 6

Seem to have closed on a 200 M dollar note deal.  Continue to have large amounts of contact with gold dealers in Africa and elsewhere. Contacted by King XXXXX today.  Helping to find security for him.  Received small gift of ecash from him. Working with trillionaire in health issues and sovereignty issues.  Will connect him with King XXXXX. Meditated 55 min, in the dark this time.  Did body review, attract wealth.  Entered a new crystalline cave in consciousness that I do not remember before.  Saint Geramin told me I was on his path, and he honored me with the title of Knight of Saint Germain, the emblem seems to have a violet cross pattern?? And possibly a rose?

Day 7

Did not meditate until 2:30 am.  Strong meditation.  Mostly did not direct it.  Saw again a cave or long cylindrical room, full of stuff.  May be the star gate, full of my junk? Lots and lots of financial business during the day!  Hundreds of millions of dollars likely income soon.  Talked to 5 continents today!

User Name: Ben

Don't use it for evil!

The device makes me feel really good when I use it, even if I get sick every month lol (only for 2/3 days). But I just think its part of the evolution process so it doesn't bother me that much. I had some really interesting experiences. My intuition and synchronicity stuff have jumped in an amazing way and I learned some important lessons when I used it in a bad way (trying to "control" people is definitely not the right way). It still doesn’t have "concrete" experiences like voices, obe, RV or other stuff I've seen on testimonies but it will come at right time. I think it's not happening mainly because I have a really hard time putting aside the thought that “I can't go really deep for long.” But I will keep trying and meditating. I still feel the spiking effect but it’s less painful and I’m quite used to it now.

It seems like most French people are closed-minded on this kind of thing, but there are still some of us who are interested in spiritual growth. Lately I am finding more and more people I come in contact with are practicing reiki and meditating (maybe it's just synchronicity).

User Name: Ethan

More Energy in Workouts

Just wanted to let you know I've started to see alot of synchronicity in my life regarding my work in martial arts. It's like everyone I talk to or even old friends want to train with me now and I've noticed way more energy in my workouts in the gym and when I practice my fighting techniques. I'm almost at 30 hours now with my IDL-22. Thanks

User Name: Solene

Chemtrail Cleaner

James and a friend visited me at my home in the mountains of NC for some hiking and exploring. After visiting the PARI Institute in Rosman, NC, we headed up into the mountains, near the Balsam Mountain Range. After being drawn to energies in the vicinity of Balsam Lake, we stopped in a small valley high up in the mountains, it had just snowed the day before and driving was a bit treacherous... There were intense energies at this place near this dried up lake bed. We felt guided at this time to do a meditation with the Neo Cube. We each sat with a cube in our laps. James activated the device and we asked for Ashtar Command to show themselves in some way.. We asked for them in particular as I had been asking questions of James and his friend about them on the ride up the mountain. We sat for several minutes and did not see or feel anything but knew our message had been heard.

The next day...

7:50 am - Huge chemtrail was sighted above my home , with no others in sight at the time. We have a large amount of these here so I am always aware of them, however, this one was bigger and lower than most - it really made an impression with me.

About 1pm - I was on my way to pick up a couple of friends for lunch, as I sat in my car waiting on them... I started to play a youtube video of a channeling on my phone that someone had just sent me - titled - Ashtar Command. As I played the video, I looked up through my sunroof and saw a jet with a large chemtrail above me. There were a lot of other trails that I could see in the sky. As I was following the jet across my field of vision, I saw a silver orb like structure, flying behind the jet, along side the chemtrail. The sun was reflecting off its body, the shape was round but saucer like. It rode for several seconds along side, then darted up at 90 degrees into the trail and back down. This craft repeated this 3 times. I looked down to stop the video and to turn on my camera, looked up again to position the camera properly in my sight, and there it was ready for me to shoot. As I got ready to click the button - it disappeared. I looked at my clock - it was 1:11. My friends got in the car 2 minutes later and I told them all about it.

User Name: Deborah

Manifest Love and Romance

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