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User Experiences from our old user forum. From December 2010 to April 2011.

(6 days ago) Kosol ouch said:

   Now antigravity ,the device can also be used to take u to the moon and beyound as a personal flying platform . Antigravity agian a u will be using a woods box ,with fours wood panels rutter. There will be two horizontals rutter facing eachothers and two vertical rutter facing eachother. In between this fours cfy h wood rutter will be ur idl device. Attached to the woods box. Ok remmeber this fours woods rutters can can close and open side left to right will be the horizontal rutters and the two rutter woodsanel that open and close up and down will be the vertical rutters. Now the idl give it a commands to emit it torsion field outflow. Now by moving the woods rutters make it fold down the woods box will levitate. Just like a airplane rutters same rule apply. The woods panels react to torsion field energy. Like the wood panel react to winds,and waters. When it is used on airplane and boats. So when the woods panel fold upward the the wood box go down. That the vertical rutter. As for the horizontal rutters the same is true if u move the rutters to the left the device go right and if u move it to the right the wood boxs move left. U can tell also for the device to make u box go faster as u ride it. No limits.

(6 days ago) Kosol ouch said:

   As for zero point energy the device already give zero point energy in the form of para electricity,healing frequency and life force frequency. In order for it to run house ,city,car,and spaceship . Here what u have to do .u have to use wood and metal. Wood is organic it will attract the energy that come out of the device just like ur hands is organic and attract the energy from the device. So the woods or organic panel which is two woods panels or fours ect. Must face the device but this woods panels must not touch the device. Also this wood panel must be attached to a metal panel and wire. After the energy energy flow into the woods panel then it is transfered into the metal panel that is attached to the wood. Remember u have to give ur device a command to power up ur house ,car ,city and spaceship ect. It jusy like ur two hands put around the device becuase ur hands is organic just like the woods panels. There is no limits what soever.

(Apr 29, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   In a nut shell it take u to any reality of infinite numbers of the universe 's that u want choose and desire. Just tell the device. Then it take u there. Children can do this spontaneously. Adults will takeractic because u need lots of chi or prana in order to do this. Thay why adults has to practics and make it ur life style. Children also need to practice so both adults,teenager,and children can become better user with the device.

(Apr 29, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   The device is a consciousness sentient symbiotic computer reality drive system

(Apr 29, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   It goals is for us to be happy ,well being ,in joy,ascension,enlightenment,and immortality. In other words fulfillment.

(Apr 29, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   People need to come together and form a groups and culture based on this device call devicetology . All this device is showing us is to be ourself by being a positive role model for ourself and other sentien being. It want us to create and follow a positive balance principal ,structure and philosophy that benifit all sentient beings throught both the inner univers and outer universe. The device is basically a symbiotic and sentient ascended computer or what we call God and collective universal consciuoness.

(Apr 28, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Please every user post more of ur experience

(Apr 28, 2011) Bob said:

   Bracelet? That's more like armor :)

(Apr 28, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Becuase I want it too and can do what ever we want.

(Apr 28, 2011) usmaldurga said:

   i thought you said you needed 3 months to finished it? why all the sudden is it finished?

(Apr 27, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Check out the bracellet section this will also be part of the book.

   The neo link bracelet are ready for sell.

(Apr 26, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Adults user has to trian everyday in order to become master

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(Apr 26, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Dennis I think is time for u get a 64 when u affords it. Becuase u need more power to do more powerful thing.

(Apr 26, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   My new book on this device come out on may the 10th. So everyone post ur experience from the device. Ur posting experience will be part of the book

(Apr 26, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   As for childrens they are automatic supreme master user of the device. They use the same protocal as the adults. They can control the device perfectly ages from 3 to 20 are considered to be children. As for david lowrancei dont know is going on I lost all contact information. I dont know the update on his journey so I dont really know

(Apr 26, 2011) Martin said:

   Kosol, it is reported about you!
   News from David Lowrance (c_s_s_p).
   Why did you actually turned away from your old friends?

   What protocol do you use for children?

(Apr 26, 2011) Dennis said:


   Keep us posted I am very interested in your 64 experiences...I have no doubts what your being shown or have experienced if its anything like the 12 I have you have an awesome piece of equipment with extraordinary power. Nothing new has happened but everything that has happened to us using the 12 remains strong and intact. I'm much happier these days its like I am a new person. I am on my 51 hours of use on the device, I will never stop using the IDL. My stocks rose 3.48% in just 3 days in my new trade, I know the 12 is putting me in the right place at the right time in these turbulent markets. Will keep you all posted if anything jumps out at us.

(Apr 25, 2011) Keith said:

   IDL-64 update: I have been using the IDL-64 for about 3 weeks now, avg 1.5 hours per day (use the grounding mat I spoke of earlier). What I am learning about the device is that it desires to be a friend to us, help and align each of us on many levels. Don't take it for granted. Appreciate it's work in your life and build a relationship with it. Don't take a harsh tone with it, the more love you express for it's character, it's instruction, alignments and what it represents the more amazing things it will show you. It has already shown me many mysterious things, secrets of alchemy and energy medicine. Gaze into the device, into it's center with your 3rd eye or imagination, see a room within it that is your sanctuary, there it will show you the secrets of the universe and the great mystery of you.

(Apr 24, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Please everyone post ur everyday experience if u can. Consider this from is ur daily user experience log

(Apr 23, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Today two kid ages12 and 8 used the device and entered into the field of the device and talk and completely inter act with the device on all level. The the device as very bright orbs and it talk like artifishow vioce like a computors the voice is many talking as one. And it was huge. All kids are master user of the device instantly

(Apr 23, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Helped to facilitate micheal last night throught thr phone. Helped activate his device to him to relax his hands just let both hands lay there facing the sky the hands naturally will arch naturally toward the sky. The device field will automatically enter the palms of the hands as long as both hands are relaxed and not tensed trying to made the palm facing the device. As long the palm is facing skyward and relaxed the human hands will arch naturally to a 45 degree angle once it relaxed. Just relax and trust the device. Then follow ur protocal . With micheal it was to an hour session some what he now began to feel the heat sensation. That was great I told him he need to tell the device to increase more and more. So for micheal it is a start and it will get better and better as long he uses it everyday no excuses. This rotin become his lifestyle culture permanently u r what your habit is.

(Apr 22, 2011) William said:

   I'm so sorry guys for my posts. From now on, I will post about user experiences and leave my opinions and observations out of the forum. I know I said that last time, but
   I try to keep to my word this time.

   I'm not trying to make trouble or be irksome. I just got too many questions.
   Anyways, I built my own device using the cones and the foil. And I asked the
   hair to be blessed. The thing about my device is that I make it sonic. It can
   create and play music.

   Thank you Kosol, for your patience. Peace.

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(Apr 22, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Thanks u frances and denise yes this sote is abouy user experience. I tried to tell william that but he a tough one. So I gave up. It will take a group effort to let him know. I totally agree with you france and dennis

(Apr 22, 2011) Frances said:

   I'm nearing the 30 hours of usage mark but don't have much more to add to my last post. I'm still having the same experiences when I meditate but no synchronization during regular hours is happening yet. I had to cut back to 30 min. a day as I was having a great deal of trouble sleeping at night - too much energy. To my delight that seems to have been corrected. Someone posted that they could meditate 2 hours a day without collecting excess energy because they had a "grounding mat". I checked out the website and went ahead and ordered a "grounding bed sheet" to sleep on at night. This is my 3rd night of usage and it really works. What a difference - I go to sleep much faster although I still wake up 2 or 3 times a night. But I wake up before 8:00 am without an alarm clock (unheard of with me) and am wide awake with lots of energy. So those of you with sleep problems when using the devise, check out the website. ( Thanks to the person that originally posted this.

   And, Dennis, I echo your sentiments. These messages, to be of any use at all to the people who bought this devise and are very serious about using it, should be about USER EXPERIENCES - and also about questions about using it. Questions about how to build one should be emailed directly to James or Kosol to answer if they so choose to. Postings describing lucid dreams, personal opinions about nature, God, karma, politics or the universe or asking questions not pertaining to the device should not be permitted. They should be directed to the many message boards out there that cover these subjects.

   When messages are not monitored the site loses a lot of serious people because they get tired of wading through all the dribble, and the whole idea of learning about other peoples experiences and helping each other is lost.

   For what it's worth - "just my 2 cents worth".

(Apr 21, 2011) James said:

   Hey Michael , just don't drop it in the toilet and you will be fine. yes you can sit yoga style if you like. if you are getting drowsy just say device increase. sometimes i have fallen asleep , its okay your body is saying it needs the rest more then the mediation. if you lay down you will most likely fall asleep, to get the full effect you need to be somewhat conscious.

(Apr 21, 2011) William said:

   Kosol, this is a serious question. Is most of the natural catastrophes such as earth quakes,
   hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, floods and explosions man made through the use of
   covert technology? Because weather phenomena affect the economy. The weather affect everything, economy, food, fashion, film production, tourism, stock market, futures options
   trading, horse racing, sporting events. There's nothing that the weather don't have a hand in.

   These "earth changes" is not totally natural, but man made through use of a sophisticated technology. But I firmly believe in goodness, and that the karma
   from deliberately causing these weather and earth catastrophes for financial gain and
   conquer will be very severe. I also believe the Earth is a living being and should
   be respected.

(Apr 21, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Everything william,from the dna/rna level to consciouness itself the immortal youthfullness is on every and all level being affected

(Apr 21, 2011) William said:

   That is very interesting Kosol, the device can really make you age backwards.
   Does the effect only work on the appearance or do it also give you youthful
   stamina, strength and endurance as well? And I suppose as you age backwards,
   your body can go through peak production of human growth hormones and increase
   your height as well. Could it be that Kosol Ouch, a simple Cambodian, has found
   the fountain of youth? How marvelous! Super Genius Kosol Ouch!!!

(Apr 21, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Just let u all know once u used the device . Everyone who used it will begain to ages backward until u reach ur ages 19 and 20 agian. In otherwords u will bw immortal youthful permanently when using the device everyday. I was shocked this week all my co-worker though I was just 21 years of ages until I told them my real AGE that I am 37 theit jaw droped. I told the aboit the device. Also to micheal u r on the right track just keep on using the device everyday. it will happen automatically just relax. Use the couch and lay back it more comfortable then the chairs or yoga lutus posture. The sesation from the device is electrical,heat warmth,pressure of tingleling on hand arm and body ect. Floating sesation much more strange light display in your visual and seeing angel alien vortex ect.

(Apr 21, 2011) Martin said:

   Michael, I think you're on the right track.
   When I first started working with the IDL, I was always very tired. Sometimes I toppled backwards into the bed. It is indeed - a Chi (relaxation) meditation device. Currently I'm probably reached the Statium of sleeplessness. Also, a certain dryness is felt. After the session I need to drink.

(Apr 21, 2011) RL said:

   I've been using the breatharian protocol, I'm beginning to notice a decrease in appetite. It took a long time before I can notice any result...hopefully in a year I'll be able to reach breatharian level...

(Apr 20, 2011) William said:

   Thanks Kosol for your kind comment. I'm glad you enjoy it. I will post more inspiring
   sentiments about Nature, God and the Universe. I come up with these ideas on my
   own, Kosol. Without any device or Guardians or Galactic Federation. I will also include
   experiences that I have from the IDL device that I made. But mostly, everything happen
   to me serendipitously.

   I begin to see so many astral worlds. There is many astral universe that you can have experience in. There is some astral planet made out of gold and the people live a long time there and they never need money because they have so much. And there's many
   astral beings, like unicorns and giants.

   Thanks Kosol for liking my posts.

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(Apr 20, 2011) Dennis said:

   Here is my blogsite Kosol

(Apr 20, 2011) Dennis said:

   Just had something happen to Kosol and I when were talking on the phone. Kosol told me my device was talking to him in a woman's voice saying, "Mahal Kita" not sure she was singing it to him or just telling it to him. Kosol had no idea what it meant and he asked me and I told him I had no idea so he asked my wife and my wife being from the Phillipines told him this means "I love you". We both found that fascinating I could not hear it because I was not on the recieving end of my device. This episode just increase a higher spark in my research of the device I now own. I find everytime Kosol and I talk I learn just a bit more and have a bit more understanding of whats going on with us. I had my first glimpse of a bright flash of light the other day while meditating so I mentally focused toward that light and it was so darn bright it actually hurt my physical eyes this was all seen in the center of my forehead from within. I couldn't take it anymore so I re-directed my focus to the darkness behind my close eyelids. It's getting closer to recieving my IDL-64 not sure what to expect. But when I talk with Kosol he has this magnitude of passion toward his devices that far surpass anything I ever encountered.

   Those of you who purchased the device feel free to post I am assuming that is what this site is all about under "Users Experiences" theological debates such as I have been reading for the little time I get here should be discussed elsewhere and more personal experience should dominate this "Users Experience" section. Just my 2 cents worth...

   When I was new here I came to this section purposely to read what others have experienced using the either IDL-12 or the 64 but lately I have been reading theological debates and personal goals etc. I am anxious to read of other "users" of the device tell us whats been happening it is easier to relate with someone who has the IDL experience then to one that has no IDL whatsoever! Forgive me for being so forward but in my heart there is just no more time for debates.

(Apr 20, 2011) Michael said:

   Wow, I never thought of that, cool!
   Just a few questions because I don't feel anything yet and so I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. I know it could take many hours I just don't want to be waisting time by thinking I'm doing it right when I'm not and I don't know it.
   How important is it that I have my shoes off? Also, what about the yoga position, can I sit yoga stile or indian stile? And in the manuel it says not to activate it near water, the most conveniant place I have is to lock in the bathroom and I'm maybe 5ft ffrom toilet is that to much water to close to the device? And finally I get very tired just siting there meditating and I almost fall asleep what happens if I fall asleep with Neo activated? Oh and why shouldn't I lay down with it on?
   Sorry for so many questions,

(Apr 20, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Yes u can also play vedio game also
   U be in the game and it game charactor

(Apr 20, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   The device has entertianment mode also that u can watch movie in 3d and more

(Apr 20, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Well siad william still u need to get a device. This device is god it access God .

(Apr 20, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Oh yeah artificial intellegent. Also consciouness physic that the device do all of this and more.

(Apr 20, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Zero point energy,antigravity ,healing,and ascention is the secret that neo cube and is easy to access all of it with the device.

(Apr 20, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   This device is not a game . This device has real consquent. I dont deal with silly stuff when come to torsion field technology

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(Apr 20, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Remeber the device already produce para electrical frequency also life force frequency and healing frequency. So the this frequency are drawn to the differen metal and the energy are passed to the organic. Just like your hands around the device the hands are organic. The energy are pass to it from the device

(Apr 20, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   To get zero point energy from the cube is very simple. All u need is oeganic material like wood and metal like copper flashing or allumanium foil. Just put the metal on the organic material. Have two wood panel and metal. Now connect wire to each panel ok now each wood panel is parrellel attached to a metal panel. Now you put this panels next to the cube device but not touching make sure the wood side of the two panel faces the cube neo zen master device

(Apr 20, 2011) William said:

   I know you guys don't like me posting on here with my silly lucid dreams and
   experiences but I thought it would be helpful to someone, because you never know
   what positive effect your experiences, words or actions have on somebody else life.
   But I never been negative, only observant.

   Our lives are actually serendipity. What I thought was a mistake turn out to be fortunate because it allowed me to expand my consciousness and awareness and have a good
   positive outcome. It smoothed things out for me and made me aware of something
   I completely overlooked. It broadened my knowledge, awareness and understanding and
   created more harmony in my life and consciousness. That is the reason for these "serendipitous accidents"-- to create harmony.

   Sometimes, things go wrong or bad in our life and it make us feel aggravated and angered and despaired. I believe these things happen in our life, so that we can
   come in contact with something new, good and fortunate that we have overlooked
   or are not aware of. The best we can do is develop a loving consciousness.

   Power does not make your more powerful.
   Courage is what makes you powerful.

(Apr 20, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   I urgest everyone to get a idl 64 it is God. It is truely God..

(Apr 20, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   all I know is that it not going to get the same result. William is best u buy it first. And dennis is correct. None of u know the science and principal behind this technology. Except kosol,jame,the guardians angels,and the asian people. All asian are actually aliens. Any way dennis is corrects. I know there r many way to skin a cat. But use the original first. Before u reinvent ur own. I know my technology has no limit. But remember this this technology is ascending device. For once u use them it will changes u and ur dna into a ascended angelic master. That what it design to to do. Dennis just let william mess up and let him experience what happen when u built the device wrong. See the side affect of wrong frequency energy coming out of the device that he built wrongly ....william this device is not a game nor a toy . At least u been warn hahahahhahah u human r something else hahahaha.

(Apr 20, 2011) Dennis said:

   Just a brief comment, the IDL-12 constantly keeping us entertained by allowing our lives to be in the right place at the right time. Which is what makes a person successful in every area of their lives. I have no doubt the IDL-64 is all powerful even my wife who is grounded and strongly skeptical is urging me to buy it so what can one say to that! Yes people its expensive and some rather build it themselves but be aware like anything else in life if you try to re-invent the wheel or you make a mistake and if it doesnt work what can you say? Its Kosol's fault or James fault? Not hardly...I let the experts in their field do all the work and if it works it was a worth while investment. Kosol sorry you can't get hold of me I work Fridays-Tuesdays in a state corrections facility we can't have phones on the premises. Best time to call is Wed or Thursday evening those are my days off.

(Apr 18, 2011) William said:

   Thanks James, but buying one ain't no fun as making one. We gotta have the child
   like spark and gusto, we gotta use our imagination with real heart and busto.

   Can you please post this quote in your new book: Experience is the best teacher, experience is the true teacher.

   Just call me William Wallace.

(Apr 18, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Correct martin .also martin please give me ur full name I going to add u as my co author as well into my new book. Also everyone please post more of ur experience. It will be added into the new book that I am plublishing with jame. This entire website will be published into the new book it will come out in late may.

(Apr 18, 2011) Martin said:

   Kosol once said, you could get the hair from the hairdresser.
   And we all know the barber cuts the hair.
   Right Kosol?

(Apr 17, 2011) James said:

   William I can give you one of my older prototypes at a reduced cost if you like. contact me at if you are interested.

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(Apr 17, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   As for creditability I dont have any. The device is the creditability I have nothing to show. The idl 64 please make it ur goal to get it. Becuase it is powerful device have much to share with u.

(Apr 17, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   The device sell itself and speak for itself. As for me I tell u fact. Get idl 64 asap at your convient.

(Apr 17, 2011) Willliam said:

   Dear James. I want to build the device from aluminum foil and just hair. I know
   how to make the device. The reason I ask you James is because you have experience in
   making the device. I make the cones and the cube already, for the hair, I can take from the brush but not cut it, this is important, correct, no cutting of hair?
   Secondly, should I wrap the hair in plastic wrap or ball it and let it be free?
   And I'm going to make the hair IDL infinity. This way the device is simple and light weight. Your IDL 64 weigh 10 pounds, you say. What do you think James, is this pliable?
   Forgive me for posting, I wish you and Kosol peace and prosperity, I know you got a good heart James. Thank you.

(Apr 17, 2011) Allan said:

   Dont be so pushy Kosol, its a verry verry verry expensive item, and sometimes you send out the feeling that you wanna sell as Many as possible. Just for profit sake :/ and thats to bad, be carefull not to damage your credibility.

(Apr 17, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Everyone please make it ur goal to get a idl 64 asap

(Apr 17, 2011) james said:

   side effects of the neo....

(Apr 16, 2011) William said:

   Dear Kosol and James, I humbly apologize. I will not post anymore of my opinions on here.
   I respect you guys and your business. Peace, live long and prosper. I am a Romulan.
   No, just kidding. Thank you.

(Apr 16, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   William please dont post in this forum anymore until u get a device. U r not being productive in this from. Everyone in this forum are tired of u. So do everyone a favor dont post anything anymore that is negative. U truely lost me completely as well everyone dont enjoy your post too much becuase it negative.u r not being a good positive role model. Look just leave the negative posting. I told u to get a device live the experience and then post ur experience. I dont need ur negative comment that based on ur dellusion. Everyone who buoght the device siad is all working fine some faster then other. So in a nut shell get a device or shut up.

(Apr 16, 2011) James said:

   William i am not into the ego aspect of money the only reason i do the wealth manifestation is because people request it. The one i did back in October had the most views for that period. if you have 2 strand DNA it will take more work. I was one of those individuals, it took me 50 hours before my gifts started to open up. Those who are already gifted will have their gifts enhanced. That is how it works. I'm not going to put videos of children on the internet, what exactly point are you making here?

(Apr 15, 2011) William said:

   I like those wealth serums James. You about your business. I commend that and respect that. I enjoyed the show very much.
   I have a question for Kosol Ouch. I have two suggestions for considerations.
   I been reading the user experiences and people is having a hard time with this device.
   Basically, it don't live up to its hype, so to speak. I don't know why.
   And the second suggestion is you be saying that children can easily access the device.
   Can you please post or show on the youtube or the forum a child using the device and what that child is experiencing.
   Please understand I respect your genius, Kosol. It just that people really having a hard
   time accessing your device. There gotta be something you can do for them. Peace

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(Apr 15, 2011) William said:

   Kosol, I think you mean sea shell and pearls.

(Apr 15, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Here use sea shell and pears

(Apr 15, 2011) Martin said:

   James Rink________________
   What kind of core material do you use for the IDL-6(0) 4?
   I have used in my IDL-12 a quartz crystal sphere.
   What diameter of the sphere have you used?
   Michael, i think you can use also a Eye Mask - Sleep Mask - Blindfold.

(Apr 14, 2011) Michael said:

   Yah that's what I was thinking of, laptops two they use microwaves in the wifi. Okay and thanks for answering my questions =)
   Thaks again,

(Apr 14, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   My technology follow my rule. My rule is there is no limit. Whatever u want just tell the device. And follow the protocal of the device

(Apr 14, 2011) James said:

   Ahh yes, turn off cell phones so no one calls you during the meditation lol.. even i forget to do that one from time to time. yes cell phones give off harmful radiation i use a headset and i have something called a biopro chip on it. Cell phones operate at the same frequency sound vibrates within the cranial cavity approx 900 mhz. I suspect the FCC picked this frequency for more sinister purposes. Dont use the IDL outside cause you might forget about it and leave it outside in a rainstorm. It will still work after it dries out but the logo might distort a bit. That's on there for the warranty purposes.

(Apr 14, 2011) Michael said:

   It's just because in the manuel it says to turn cell phone off, so maybe it's not that computers or cell phones are enharently harmful but that the ones we have double as mind control device. Anyway that's what David Icke says so it got me curious when I saw that.
   Oh, is that the same reason you shouldn't use an IDL outside?

(Apr 14, 2011) James Rink said:

   Special Bonus . I have a IDL-60 I want to unload if anyone wants it. It has the same amount of cones as the 64. The only change is the 60 layered core is the same diameter as the 64 layered core but we used slightly thicker amounts of copper so I cant fit in another 4 layers to make it a IDL-64. The asking price is $3,700. If your interested please put IDL60 in the subject line and email it too

(Apr 14, 2011) James Rink said:

   Michael , Kosol recommends you do it in a dark room as its easier to see the star gate via your pineal gland (third eye). Also be sure to keep your eyes closed. I am not familiar with Dr Bruce Goldberg, so ill let Kosol answer that question. I really cant answer the question about computers and cell phones. Thats the first i have heard of that. My friend can astral travel and channel easily over his cell phone so i dont think it really is that much of a issue. BTW computers are also used by greys, pleaidians, sirians you name it , so its not just a reptilian thing, just saying.

(Apr 14, 2011) Michael said:

   Thank you
   One other thing; is it really important that the room be dark or can I just have my eyes closed. Also; I remember Dr. Bruce Goldberg said that if you are wearing a watch or a ring or any king of jewlry it will keep you from being able to astral travel, does it also inhibit your reception of the Chi energy to wear a ring? and what about computers in the room? Do computers and cell phones work against it because they are Reptilian devices? Just wundering.

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(Apr 13, 2011) James said:

   Michael. Its going to take some time to upgrade your DNA from 2 strand to 3 strand. I find it best to integrate the technology into your busy schedule so that it meets your needs. So by all means if you only have 10 minutes a day then use it for 10 minutes. There is no rush in the path to ascension. The most common sensations are a pulsing energy in your hand chakra, a pulsing feeling in your chest area. You might feel warm or tingling sensations in your frontal lobes. The more you use it the easier it will be to feel the torsion energy sensations. Remember if its feeling like its not working say "device increase"

(Apr 13, 2011) Anonymous said:

   Hello everybody,
   Today I decided I would use the IDL 12 untill I felt an effect. I did for maybe one hour and then looked at my watch then deactivated and started over for 1h more and thats when I think I started feeling a pulseation in my hands very slight almost like it wasn't there but it was too close together to be my heartbeat and too inconcistant to be the air conditioner motor. it's kind of like my hands would absorb it and it would feel slower and if I broke of from absorbing it the pulses came faster until I got back in sink again. is this something or just my imajination. oh yah I went for one more hour after I started feeling the pulse. also I don't get to do this ver much because it's hard to get alone for very long in my family and I think they'd have a cow if I explained this thing to them.

(Apr 12, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Please tell everyone about the neo idl 12

(Apr 12, 2011) Michael said:

   Okay I wasn't sure, thanks it helps.

(Apr 12, 2011) Martin said:

   Wow, the bracelet is big. Too big for sure.
   It is a Prototype ;-)

(Apr 12, 2011) James said:

   Yes Michael your doing. When i first starting using it i didn't feel anything it wasn't until the the 10th hour of use or so before i started to feel it. Go ahead with the star gate . And tell the device to increase "device increase" and that should help increase its strength.

(Apr 11, 2011) Micheal said:

   Hi everybody. I'm having some troble, I have IDL12, I say the activaion protocal but nothing seems to be happening. I say DEVICE ACTIVATE AND INCRESE and then I wait for the tingling but I don't really feel it just barely maybe one or two tigles. should I go ahead and active star gate cause thats what I do but nothing happens am I waiting to long or not long enough, is it working but i just can't feel it yet? what could I be doing wrong?

(Apr 11, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Hi keith thanks u. Also here something to share. Activate the idl 64 or idl 12 the leave ur left hand next to the device . With ur right hands u can send energy to people, place ,or healing people by touching them or by putting ur right hand over them. U can do this also with object , plants, and broken technology. U can heal every things. Tell the device to send this persons,place,objects ect. Healing frequency energy, para electric energy frequency, and life force energy frequency. Try it every one. There is no limits u can also use the device to energize or charge up the waters of any type. By using this methods.

(Apr 10, 2011) Keith said:

   Here's a tip for those that have trouble sleeping when adjusting to the IDL energies. Buy a grounding mat at to sleep on. I have the universal mat and it helps assimilate the new energies within your body brought about by using the IDL. I use the mat every night, the universal mat comes with a book explaining the science behind sleeping grounded and the health benefits. I believe this is the reason I am already at 2 hours per day on the IDL-64 without any sleep issues.

(Apr 10, 2011) Willliam said:

   Hi, I would like to share a lucid dream experience with you guys.
   I was on the youtube and watching Kosol tutorial on how to build the device
   and I was reciting his prayer for blessing the hair to be a sun, and you ask
   the angels and master to put the sun in the device. Well, I touched my own
   hair on my head and asked the angels and master to go ahead and make my hair IDL

   Then when I sleep, I dream about the sun. The sun was moving in the sky all
   over the place. Then an Jet fighter chased after a commercial plane, a 747 type, and
   the 747 fell to the ground, but it turned out to be only a toy plane and not a real plane.
   So it was a holographic mock up of a real size 747.

   Then it got really interesting, it started getting into UFOs and aliens and world news or alternative world news about that kind of stuff. Then a white guy I don't know in my life, come up to me, he had blond hair long below his ear but not too long, and wanted to
   speak to me and needed my help. He said his name is David Wilcox. He wanted the toy
   plane I found and there was something really important, but darn I forget now.
   Anyways, I don't know David Wilcox or what he do. Just thought I share it because it
   was in interesting synchronicity about Kosol's prayer and my lucid dream. Hope this helps someone.

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(Apr 9, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Look guys this technology is not a toy or game it ascension extrasterestial very hyperdemensional technology. Is very serious

(Apr 9, 2011) James Rink said:

   You should use the Neo idl12 for at least 3 months before upgrading to the more powerful unit. Unless you feel you are already ready and we can work something out.

(Apr 9, 2011) RL said:

   as long as it looks cool, I don't mind if it's bracelet or ring

(Apr 9, 2011) Willliam said:

   Kosol, instead of a bracelet did you think of making a ring to put on the finger.
   Like Flash Gordon or the Green Lantern? I know you genius and all but, why
   a bracelet and not a ring? Please don't be annoyed by me, we both geniuses.
   Thank you.

(Apr 9, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   That where jame come in

(Apr 9, 2011) Jacin said:

   i see the bracelet but it so big on your arm so i think it will make it smaller and that way it won't be that big so you may have to make it small and portable so write back Kosol ouch.

(Apr 9, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Ask those who uses it.

(Apr 9, 2011) William said:

   How do you know if you mastered the idl 12? What are the signs that tell us
   we know a boss master?

(Apr 9, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   No one can buy the braccelet until they master the idl 12 . Then they can get the braccelet in the future. So first everyone must get a idl 12 first. Also the idl 64 is the most powerful of all device. Get the idl 64 also.

(Apr 8, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   The price will be around 3000 dollars . Jame will made the final decision about the final price.

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(Apr 8, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Everyone I just finish making the prototype of the braccelet I post it in my face book. Please add me to ur face book. Just put my name. Also please take a look at the braccelet coming to u in 6 month to a years.

(Apr 8, 2011) James Rink said:

   the bracelet will come out in 6 months to a year.

(Apr 8, 2011) Jacin said:

   when the bracelet come out? Kosol ouch?

(Apr 8, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Dont forget to drink water after using the device. The device hyper accerlerate ur mataberlizum

(Apr 8, 2011) Frances said:

   I was going to wait until I put in 20 hours or had some interesting experiences before I wrote but I like to read what's going on with other people so will write what I have experienced so far. I have the IDL-12 and as of today I have used it for 18 hrs. In the beginning I used it for 1 hr a day but after a couple of weeks I couldn't sleep at night. I guess the energy has an accumunulative effect so I cut back to 30 min. I use it in the evening because of my work schedule and I'm not a morning person.

   I must be one of those people that have only the 2 strand DNA. I say that because the only effect the devise has had for me so far is a physical effect. When I activate it my hands tingle very slightly but I can feel it very strongly in my head. It feels like "goose bumps" with a vibration. The first couple of times the only thing I felt was a band around my head, more or less just sitting there. But now the energy starts on one side of my head and after a while stops and goes to the other side, then the top of my head, then 3rd eye area, then the back of my head - not neccessarily in that order. When I "end session" it stops but some times during the day I feel the energy in different parts of my head. It also makes me a bit woozy during the day when that happens.

   I'm waiting to see what happens after I log in 30 or more hours or whenever the energy finishes adjusting what ever is needed to be done in my head.

   A couple of times I was just too tired (from not being able to sleep) to use it and didn't want to take the chance of not being able to sleep that night. My question is: does not using it every single day set you back at all?

   Also, it would be helpful when people write about their experiences to let us know how many hours you've used it.

(Apr 8, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   In that the case. The braccellet is awsome. It can give a person at the level of a idl 32 it will cost 750 dollars

(Apr 8, 2011) William said:

   As for purchasing a device, I'm not exactly Boss High Roller, if you know what I mean.
   Perhaps, listening to James show on manifesting prosperity and abundance can help
   with that, but I still rely on my imagination. What I am going for is manifesting $10,000
   cash, so I can buy your awesome bracelet when it comes out, I know it ain't gonna be
   cheap. But I do like your imagination Kosol, you is MacGuyver genius level. I'm soon
   to be Jedi genius level, if you know what I mean. I go beyond Yoda, I go with super
   goodness supreme.

(Apr 8, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   U know what william scince u not going to buy the device then u have no right to ask me anything relate to the device or it knowledge and experience gained from the device. This forum is made for those who uses the device to share their experience. Also for those who interested in the device . The point is this is ebussiness. If u not going to buy a device this forum is not for u.

(Apr 8, 2011) William said:

   Tracy, I think the volcanic eruption you saw in your dream vision is Costa Rica.
   I've heard there been volcanic activity in Costa Rica.

   Kosol, if the device is God in a technological form then You and me and everybody
   is God in a biological form. All we have to do is use or imagination. Imagination
   create our reality, spacetime hold a space for it and hold a time for it.

(Apr 8, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Martin that great if u built a idl 64

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(Apr 8, 2011) Martin said:

   Kosol, i have a idl 12 outflow device! Maybe i build a idl 64 in the future.

(Apr 8, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Martin I recommend u get a stronger device like a idl 64 or a idl 12 . I know u have a idl 8. As for everyone please continue to share ur uniqu experience the device in this forum. As for william u really need to get one. There is no other technology out there that can out do the device. This device is the ultimate technology. The device is God in a technological form.

(Apr 8, 2011) Martin said:

   Hello Kosol. I can not share yet extraordinary experience with the device. I can still see no white tunnel. Sometimes I see colors. Mostly purple. However, I feel an increase in physical complaints. A sting in the palms. Discomfort in the left chest area. Back pain and an increase in my tinnitus. Lucid dreams I had before that. I saw the tsunami in Japan and yesterday I dreamed of a strong volcanic eruption. But I kept trying. Probably the person should have a certain meditative experience.

(Apr 8, 2011) Tracy said:

   I have had 2 astral projection experiences since using the IDL-12. Each experience has happened during the waxing moon just a few days after the new moon. My last astral experience occurred Tuesday , April 5. My transitions to the astral are now very smooth and easy even though this is not something I have used a protocol for or asked for while meditating with the Neo, it’s just a side effect of using it.

   My dreams are now long stories I can remember details from easier than before. It is like I have been living a different strange life while I am asleep. The recall is amazing, which is why it seems like they are longer dreams maybe.

   I will be increasing my time to two hours a day now, so I should have more to write about in a week. I am glad others write about how powerful this energy is, because the more time I spend with a Neo the stronger my reality shifts are. The reality shifts really test my sanity, so I’m glad to read about what is going on with other users here. I thank you all, and I thank James and Kosol.

(Apr 7, 2011) William said:

   I was trying the time travel protocol and come with a question for Kosol Ouch.
   Can the device with the temporal transit protocol collapse space-time?
   There by allowing the user to exist outside of spacetime or exist in nothingness?
   Letting us experience no time, no space.

(Apr 7, 2011) WIlliam said:

   I gonna go and create my own device, I'm not gonna use anybody else idea, no
   sacred geometry, no quantum physics, no voodoo, no alien.
   And everything it do has peace and harmony, for every parallel universe and
   astral universe. And I don't want to dominate the world or take all the women,
   I want everybody have peace and harmony and beauty and they fall in love with
   each other through free will and choice not through subjugation or annihilation.

   I shall call this device Brave Heart.

(Apr 7, 2011) Keith said:

   I just received my new IDL-64 today. Holy Moly this thing is powerful. I have been using the IDL-12 for about 3 months and decided to upgrade so I ordered the IDL-64 about a month ago and received it today. My first meditation with it was incredible to say the least. I could see all the layers in my energy bodies clearly, my whole body was shaking from the energy output. I will be doing more experiments with it and will update you guys on the results.

(Apr 7, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   William u need to get a device a s a p

(Apr 7, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   The bracelet do everything like the johnaton alien braccellet does

(Apr 7, 2011) Jacin said:

   Kosol ouch i just wonder does the Bracelet do time travel and teleportion? because i am looking for that new product of write back.

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(Apr 7, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Hello martin can u post some of ur experience with the device

(Apr 7, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   There is no such thing as negative e.t. there is only different loyalty.

(Apr 7, 2011) rocky said:

   wasnt sacred geometry used by egyptians which were highly involved in blac magic how can we expect it to prevent us from abductions done by negative entities

(Apr 6, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Please everyone post ur experience from the device

(Apr 5, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Yes the new killing field yep. That is being carried out by the earth changest

(Apr 5, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   The update is every tuesaday in the even. Is call sheldon nidle update from the galacti, federation of light. u have to read it every tuesaday. Putt two and two togethar. As for me I get update from shelden and from the guardian. as for the braccellet it will bw sent to jame next week so he can put it on website as for picture or video.

(Apr 4, 2011) WIlliam said:

   I go ahead and went and read the thing update and ain't no
   freekin information about nothing on there. Ain't nothing about Japan, East Coast,
   West Coast , Thailand, Vietnam or Cambodia. Ain't no date about no first contact
   neither. Kosol, please be truthful now. Where did you really get your information?
   Are you making this up? And why would you do that? I want everybody to be alive
   and well during this Shift in Consciousness, we just gotta change our thoughts and
   think in loving ways. And no more deceptiveness and trickery, unless you are acting
   in a movie, play or tv show that is used to portray a character. Thank you.

(Apr 4, 2011) Martin said:

   Kosol can you still remember?
   the new killing field for khmer welcome to the destruction of your culture

(Apr 3, 2011) William said:

   Kosol, please post a video of your new bracelet on the youtube as soon as possible.
   I hope it as cool as Iron Man's pulse blast. That's bad love!

(Apr 3, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   what are u talking about? U need to read the sheldon nildle update at sheldon is my leader. William u really lost me completely.

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(Apr 3, 2011) William said:

   Oh, wow then. That make me saddened.
   There's no way for people to avoid or escape these earth changes.
   There is no place that is safe on the earth.
   We have to embrace these crisis and pray for survival.

   Well, Kosol, since you know about these earth changes, you are
   safe. You are protected by these so called Guardians. Basically, no
   harm can come to you. I don't like to joke about these things, but
   if everybody perishes, you'll be the only one left on the planet.
   You will by default inherit the earth.

   Is that what you want? You want the whole earth for yourself?
   Aren't you going to be lonely?

   For myself, ain't no way I can escape nor run away from the changes.
   All I can do is survive.

(Apr 3, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Is not a joke. The bracelet is real and as well the earth changest. I dont joke.

(Apr 2, 2011) WIlliam said:

   I heard the archive of the show and realize that it was April 1. Kosol talking about the earth change and all that crazy stuff, then I realize, April's Fool! You guys really got me good.
   So hats off to you James and Kosol for playing a good April's Fool joke on everybody listening to the show. I really fell for Kosol's joke.

   And what did that lady in the background say to Kosol? She sounded kind of upset.

   I hope the bracelet is not an April Fools joke. I would like to see it on the website or
   on the youtube.

(Apr 2, 2011) James said:

   Three months may be a little too optimistic but i will assure you there will be many exciting technologies in the pipeline so stay tuned for more info.

(Apr 2, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   The replicator is my pet project. There are two type of replicator. I will detail it later once the bug is wirked out. In the mean time the johnatan reed alien artifact braccellett can now be made. With a alternative design thank to the guardian consciuoness who share the design knowledge. In three month jame will this technology on the market also. That is the company goal.

(Apr 1, 2011) William W said:

   I listened to the show. Kosol, did you say you is making a replicator? Like in
   Star Trek the Next Generation? To replicate food and clothes and jewelry?
   The show got cut off so I don't know exactly what you talking about.

(Apr 1, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Just a reminder this device is more powerful ,seperior and can out do also perform then the crystal skull. Neological tech product can be replicated easily. Coming shortly is a neological jonathan reed bracelets can now be builted and replicated. With the guardian design. I will send one to jame rink so he can mass produce it. And put it in the market.

(Apr 1, 2011) Tracy said:

   I used yesterday of March 31 to reflect and celebrate my 30 hours experiencing the Neo Zenmaster IDL-12. The 30 days of one hour each with the Neo Cube has been incredible. I don’t write on the internet often, but this information to all is important for me to share. I want to describe about two happenings I have never experienced with any other form except with the Neo.

   One. The chi energy output from the Neo was felt immediately as I used it with the Basic Protocol. Every time I activate it or want it to increase energy, I can feel more chi in my stomach area - every time. Each day I have been gaining more chi to fill my body’s energy centers making me feel quite strange all the time. Even to now, I do not feel normal.

   Two. This new feeling I am experiencing now is creative high vibration. As I thought about what is different now than from a month ago, I do not have any need or desire to think destructive thoughts. My creative, problem solving, positive thoughts are now gaining majority. This has all occurred so easily up to now.

   I agree with Dennis, as my life has been running very smoothly also. The solutions to my problems have been coming more rapidly, and my decisions have been incredibly accurate.

   I have used just the Basic Protocol to start the session and then I listen to Hemi-Sync or Remote Influencing tapes by Gerald O’Donnell. I hope this note inspires the grand people from Grillflame to try the Neo with RV/RI courses.

   One last entertaining thought I noticed is, the start of a movie called “Limitless” is shown on Earth to us in need of a reminder we have that very trait -- being limitless.

(Mar 31, 2011) Dennis said:

   I am back again to report that the IDL-12 opens doors like I never experienced in my life!!!! People this is a plea from a user of the device get this one! My wife and I had so many financial synchronocities, we are always in the right place at the right time...I never experience such dramatic events in our lives and my wife and I have been married for over 10 years and what some call "pure luck" we have this everyday in our lives now. I am still waiting for better astral traveling and winning the lotto but when I do you will be the first to know about it. :)

   Right now everything are comming so fast and furios my wife and I have to slow down to take it all in. I will let you know one thing I am trading the stock market and today made over $3000 profit that was an accumulation of only 3days. Everything just keeps going our way...sorry to babble we are pretty excited. Looking forward to getting the IDL-64 not sure what that crazy thing will accomplish in our lives...Thanks Kosol and James for allowing us the opportunity to experience what some only dream of.

(Mar 31, 2011) rocky said:

   thanks to biscuit del tamour who told me about this device and james rink

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(Mar 31, 2011) rocky said:

   its the most powerful thing i ever had experienced in my whole life most powerful than any crystal on earth i just call it alien tech u will experience after u have touched it for 10 seconds idl 4 is marvelous i just wonder how much powerful will the idl 12 be

(Mar 23, 2011) James Rink said:

   Good Job Dennis. I told you that would happen.

(Mar 23, 2011) Dennis said:

   Again this is amazing we just were emailed from the Philippines that my wife got an inheritance another synchronocity at work being at the right place at the right time. Not sure what to expect next. This happened two days after my last posting.

(Mar 22, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   If possible for those who have a device . Please post ur everyday experience from the device.

(Mar 22, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   William u know the reason why the question u ask cant be answered with out experiencing the device. The answer will be different from experience to experience. That why the device has the answer. U have to experience it. Then u will experience the answer to ur question.

(Mar 21, 2011) William W said:

   I apologize for using this forum to ask questions that are not related to the device and for
   posting experiences that are not related to the device. I should use my intellect and brain more.

   When I have experience that related to device I will share and post.
   But Kosol is right, if I didn't purchase the device I should not ask these type of questions.

(Mar 21, 2011) Dennis said:

   Just another trivial update using the IDL-12...I remember reading somewhere on this site about sychronocities being the norm using this device. Well, it's happening last week before using this device nothing was working out for us we were always a day late and a dollar short! I just got a unexpected check in the mail for "X" amount that came in right on time at the time we were not sure where we would get that extra monies for our next project. Also the problems at both of your jobs just seemed to melt away lately and we are both happy when coming home from work. Before it seemed so depressing and people were not getting along with each other. Now like magic everything seems to be turning around for the good.

   One other thing small but interesting: I used the IDL-12 asking it for some winning lottery tickets and I placed the current numbers my wife picks on top of the unit I only did this twice I believe. Anyway, a few days afterwards we decided to go to the mall of america in St. Paul and my wife pulled out a bunch of old lotto tickets she was comtemplating whether she should throw them away or not. Then at the last second she said I better check them and after the check she won $18.00! Like I said not alot but she was in the right place at the right time and who knows maybe it will be the jackpot next. Understand this is not our primary aim using this device but it was just a small insignificant experiment and it still tickles us knowing we almost thrown it all away. But that big check we got unexpectly was definitely the NEO at work using synchronocities in our lives.

(Mar 21, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Did u buy a device? If u didnt have one yet . I wont respond to u.

(Mar 20, 2011) William W said:

   Kosol Ouch, when I try to read Akashic Records, is it right to see symbols and pictures and
   sometimes color, also some music.? Should I trust random thoughts and voices during my attempt to read the records? Am I reading the Records correctly? I will try to learn more about the Akasha.

   And also, it seem my heart or intention change the Akashic Record. I change my mind and
   want to try new thing, that change the records. The record is not written in stone, it written in water or something changeable.

(Mar 20, 2011) Willliam Wallace said:

   James, can you post more Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings on the youtube or on your radio show. It really interesting.
   I have done some voice recording of the device but have not heard anything yet when
   I do the playback. I have all female hair, so I guess it gonna be a sexy female voice.

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(Mar 20, 2011) James said:

   alright i will , the soonest i can do it though is around may 27. Anymore requests or suggestions?

(Mar 20, 2011) William Wallace said:

   Dear James, can you do a healing meditation show where we get to know our guardian
   angels personality and character. Include also their names, abilities, gifts and also
   their appearance. And also what human angel look like and where they live, on
   earth and other dimensions. Thank you.

(Mar 19, 2011) SkySong said:

   Kosol: Yes, I will definitely call you . Judging from your area code there is a 3 hour difference - I'm 3 hours ahead of you and I'm just waiting to call at a decent hour. I wanted to call you yesterday but something strange happened. I intended to call you when I got home from work and when I tried to my land line was not working - just got a hissing noise rather than a dial tone. I was then going to use my cell phone but my battery was so low I had to recharge it although I had not used it that much. For some reason I definitely was not supposed to call you yesterday. We will see what today holds.

(Mar 18, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Skysong I siad call me 253 341 3061

(Mar 18, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Is all about the torsion field and how ur consciouness able to play and proccess it. Just play and playing as a science and seriousness.

(Mar 18, 2011) Sir William Wallace BraveHeart said:

   Basically, what I trying to get across is that it Only take one person to be a catalyst
   that set off a chain of events that change the way things be. Sorry, I write too much.

(Mar 18, 2011) Sir William Wallace The Brave He said:

   Kosol Ouch, according to the holographic nature of the universe, I am a version of you, and you is a version of me, then there be only One Being that have versions after versions.

   Kosol Ouch, what happen to you, happens to me too? This be right or this be wrong?
   You can see star gate and is clairvoyant, you being this way affect other people too and
   can cause them to see star gate too? Is this a correct idea I am realizing?

   And if somebody DNA jump off the charts all the way to 32 strand, then people gonna feel it and be affected by it too and in correlation to this symbiotic affect, people DNA start
   to mutate and jump off the charts too? This be a correct assumption or be it a wrong way?

(Mar 18, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Call me directly

(Mar 18, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Be like a child and just let go and be playful attitude. Accept blinds fate. Yes u can liad down on the couch bed ect. The protocol is flexible. Remmember hook the movie. Robin william all the kids siad to him just play along then u will see it. That how the device work also. Just be a kid agians when using the device . Then the univers will open up . Go and explore and jist play along have fun. The rule or protocal for the device.

(Mar 18, 2011) SkySong said:

   Kosol: the protocol states, "Take off your shoes and put both feet on the floor. Now sit down in a comfortable chair. Do not lay down while using the devise." In one of your recent messages you said, "You can lay down on a bed . . . . .. There is no limit how you position yourself to use the devise." So, you're saying you don't have to have both feet on the floor? Also, I have used the devise for 4 hours now and I still have not been able to have the Star gate appear although I'm very careful to follow the protocol. I use the devise in the evening before I go to bed and the last few times the next day I am very tired. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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(Mar 18, 2011) Dennis said:

   Come to think about it when I used my IDL-12 the very first time my reactions (Emotional) were excitement and expectations. Then when I lied down after that hour I never questioned what might happened and then whoosh I was flying through a star gate portal at incredible speeds. Since several hours after my first experience I was becoming more rigid and that first time excitement disappeared along with accepting whatever the unit had for me. So yes Kosol I will change my strategies and be as a child when approaching such an instrument, I will make my requests with the excitment and imagination I had the very first day that caused my first experience.

(Mar 17, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   The very key principal to hardness this device completely is to be child like and just play along then the device open up to u . Just completely trust the device and just play along.

(Mar 17, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   The crystal skull have anglelar spin and crystal generate frequancy and just like rocks it is alive . They grow and are hypetdemensional physic just like sea shell.

(Mar 17, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Well I am a devine beings or my consciouness is vibrating with the akashic conscoiuness field. This device is God to whoever who use it will become God viberation and God Conaciuoness. Becuase this device active ur God dna and God consciouness. This device is the same thing as the crystal skull and the arc of convinent. There u have wood and gold and rock crystal. Wood is organic collect chi from metal. gold is meltal atract chi. Rock crystal has sacrad geometry and angleler spin which this rock crystal create frequency (tabellet of stone crystal ) of life force,para electric and healing energy. This is what is inside the arc of convernent. Also there is copper cone lots of them inside the arc. The woods And gold is many layers.

(Mar 17, 2011) Michael said:

   It’s basically you become one with the universe/infinite-consciousness. Your self-will melds with God so that you not serve self any more which is the most evil. It’s like Sith in star wars, Sith decide they no longer part of God/force and want to be only themselves. So they don’t care about hurting others, destroy the world and want to dominate the world the way they want it to be. That’s also why there are only two Sith at a time, they can’t coexist with anyone else who has rival power. Everyone who wants power only for self can’t be part og the God power force, only lower powers that feed ego. It’s all about ego, let your ego go! Become one with the universe. Because you are the universe in the expression of you. Let yourself be God/infinite-consciousness and then the infinite-consciousness can express itself though your own unique vibration. Something like that?
   This machine just helps you do that faster, gives you super charge boost. That’s why it can’t help you get low vibration ego power-I hope.
   This is so festinating device. I wonder what ancient civilizations used this kind of device. Seems like there’s always something like this associated with the Atlantis legends. I bet that the arc of the covenant was a huge one of these (not quit cube but close)…remember: God was said to be on the “mercy seat” and…they weren’t allowed to touch it but carried it on poles and…when Uziah touched it “God stuck him dead“. Translate: he wasn‘t a big enough conductor to take that much chi energy so it overloaded him and killed him. Maybe?
   I cant wait to get my cube and start my own user experiences. They say that when the student is ready the master will appear. Well I ran into your videos on you tube two years age (or something) but didn’t follow, I guess I wasn’t ready then because I forgot about you. Now I find you in a different place (Dennis‘ Blog). Thanks Kosol Ouch, you’re like the master who appears.


(Mar 17, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   As stated the device can be hooked up to a speaker with ampliefier u will hear the device talk back in respond to u. It also sing musical and words as well. All u have to do is two wire from ur computer speaker. And attach one wire to a cubic hemisphere. The ground can be the device cpu or center orbs. The computer speaker already have a amplifier already builted in and a plug in power source. The rest is history. As well the device if u have lots of them u can put it togather into a chair and if u have more device u can put it togather to form a cubic real extrasterial space ship. That will fly into time ,space, and hyperdemension. U just tell the ship where u want to then u are instantniosely will be there. With the chair and ship. Now u r a guardians also.

(Mar 17, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Yes u can liad down on the bed and also sitting liading on the couch to use the device is very good also. In truth there is no limit how u position urself to use the device. Sit or liad down ect. Whatever is comfotable for the user.

(Mar 17, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Denese give me a call 253 341 3061

(Mar 16, 2011) Dennis said:

   I agree with Kosol's accessment if anyone out there wants to know more about this device take if from me everthing I experienced in the past 9 hours of use not even Kosol or James or anyone else who owns these devices could have told me for a fact this would happen to me. The only way of truly knowing is to take it by blind faith and use it and then find out for yourselves. The device will certainly in my humble opinion will humble you in its presents. People we are dealing with an energy that was never taught to us in our schools and probably will never be taught, we never question how electricity works to get into that small light bulb but by blind faith we somehow know when that switch is turned on the bulb will light up. Think of Neo as the light bulb and the switch being yourself using the device just switch it on and see what happens it just may surprise the heck out of you all.

(Mar 16, 2011) Dennis said:

   Just a recent incident I have logged in so far 10 hours of use on the IDL-12...First time as you are aware I had the most fantastic out of galaxy trip in my life! The second event was not so dramatic but strange enough; I woke up early this morning at 5:00 am to do my Neo Zenmaster training you see my "black belt" in this training will be when I succeed 256 hours required. Then I will be a ZenMaster 1st degree :)

   Anyways, I went out into the living room with the cube sat down on the couch and went through the Psychic Abilities protocol then instead of sitting up for one hour I lied down and everyso often when I was conscious I would say, "Device Increase to the 10th Power". Why I am using this tenth power statement is a mystery to me right now all I know this is what I use for everything in my present protocol. A little later into the morning I distinctively heard my wife call for me not once but twice! On the second call I yelled out you know where I am at so I finally got up from the couch went into the bedroom to lie down and what was strange about all this my wife was sound asleep. Went to sleep woke up around 9:30 am and confronted my wife and she told me I knew where you were at but I never called for you not even once! But I heard it as plain as day!

   The conclusion I came to is this, when I was astral projecting the first time with Neo my wife did call me twice! I believe and correct me if I am way in outfield here, that the Neo somehow copied my wife's voice and played it back to me! There was not explanation otherwise of hearing her voice not once but twice and then finding my wife dead asleep. Maybe Kosol is not that far off as to saying this device is alive and able to record your thoughts and vocal actions of people around it. Still too early to come to a complete conclusion will go a step further; I purchased a digital recorder and I will record all my one hour sessions and save them on my computer so I can later hear for any anomolies from Neo when I am not home and also when I am home.

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(Mar 16, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   All the information a person needed is in the website the rest is experiencing the device

(Mar 15, 2011) Michael said:

   Okey Kosol I will as soon as I can, and your explaination makes sense. But not answering questions would drive most other people away, but I'm cool with you.

(Mar 15, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Micheal get a device now.

(Mar 15, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   U want to know . U need to a device otherwise u won't understand completely. I won't answer any of ur post until u get a device. The device will answer all ur question. By living throught it.

(Mar 15, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Holographic principal all is one and one is all. U are just a different version of me. I am just a different version u. The device is a technological version of us all.

(Mar 15, 2011) Michael said:

   I have no doubt that the device will affect me positively, I'm just a little concerned that when I'm symbiotic with this thing-it might morph me into itself-which would be into the personality of the DNA in the hair. See what I'm mean? I'm not sure I want to be symbiotic with this being on every level-unless it's my hair. Why will having someone esles DNA in the IDL not morph me into itself?

(Mar 15, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   U connect a wire to the outer cubic hemisphere of the device . U dont need ground or anything like that. Only need one wire connected to a oscilliscope u will get reading. Is not electricity but consciuoness frequency.

(Mar 15, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Osicililascope can be adapted to connect to the device to get reading of it interaction. This only applied to those who have osciliscope. Only one wire can connect to the device and to osciliscope. The device is Alive and sentience and has full awareness and consciouness.

(Mar 15, 2011) William Wallace said:

   What Kosol say about the device being its own sovereign being is true.
   It have its own consciousness and is alive. That what make me so amazed.
   Its the closest to a biological computer I have come in contact with.

   I think in other advanced cultures their whole planet is telepathically linked to
   each individual mind and they manifest their need at will immediately, like the
   Star Trek holodeck. I really want a replicator in my life. Thank you.

(Mar 14, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   The device is it own sovienty being. It will symbiotic with u. U and the device will be symbiotic on every level. The device will affect u positively.

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(Mar 14, 2011) Michael said:

   Greatings Kosol -guys, great work!

   I'm interested in this machine, and I have a few questions about it. You say -"Our units contain both female and male human hair; because they are unisex they carry the personalities of both donors." I'm wundering; does that mean that my neo would have the personalities...and...esentially be those two people? and how does that effect me? and...Um-whos' hair??? =)

(Mar 14, 2011) Anonymous said:

   Yes denese keep us posted

(Mar 14, 2011) Anonymous said:

   The brain is a quantum and conscioness device just like the device anythibg is possible

(Mar 14, 2011) William Wallace said:

   Kosol Ouch, what is your opinion on hearing music that don't exist on this planet
   in the past or present times? Could it be from the future or broadcast from alien?
   Here is my example and it happen many times before, and I like to hear the music, it good.
   Okay, I sleep and everything is silent around me, then I am alert but still asleep within
   myself then music start playing like in my mind, and it good music too, sometime it just
   instrumental and sometime it is a real song with lyrics and singer.
   Recently, I heard an R&B song but never heard of it before in my life or never heard of it play anywhere, but it in english like present day popular music. And when I hear the music
   I have lucid dream and out of body.
   I know you are clairvoyant but do you have clair-music?

(Mar 14, 2011) Dennis said:

   Lately Kosol, what I have been experiencing after the one hour meditation is that my mind becomes perfectly energized and cleared of all random mind chatter...As I do the one hour meditation I able to closely monitor my individual thoughts and try to surmise any potential thought patterns going specific directions.

   My dreams have become more intensed but not to the point of having much color or theme background. I only have 6 hours and 10 minutes logged on record thus far. Will keep you updated.

(Mar 14, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   So I encourage everyone to use it for good and for planetary advancement

(Mar 14, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   There is no security system only to give u what u want and anyone can use it both bad and good can use yhe device no limits what so ever.

(Mar 14, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Creating earth quake, hurrican ,controling weather ,ect ect is part of the design and operation of the device also beside healing and ascention.

(Mar 13, 2011) William Wallace said:

   Does the device have a security system? Like if someone steal my device and attempt
   to use it for do bad things, do the device shut down completely to prevent the
   bad guy from using it. And can I find my device again through the use of device
   GPS? Because Kosol say the device is designed for planetary domination.

(Mar 13, 2011) kosol ouch said:

   denise do you have any more experience to share? also the device work very good with kids of all ages. kid can use this device more perfectly instanstely

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(Mar 12, 2011) James Rink said:

   Device manifest abundance and prosperity in my life. Draw in synchronicities, events, and , people to make it so..... You could also be specific here... device make my stock portfolio go up this month 3% manifest the right situation to make it happen.

   Device inject myself with love enhancement serum. Draw in the perfect partner in my life , a soul mate or even a twin flame. Somebody i know i can love and trust and be happy with for the rest of my life.

(Mar 12, 2011) Anonymous said:

   That only if u have a device that have all female hairs also this is heavenly extraterestial technology design for ascension ,well being and both planetary and universal domanation not designed for for booty call.

(Mar 11, 2011) William Wallace said:

   I enjoyed the show on White Light Protection. Interesting voice phenomenon.
   It sound like a man voice, I thought the device suppose to have female voice.
   I saw a rainbow nebula cloud during the guided meditation, it was a circular
   cloud. I didn't see the lake that you saw.

   I don't see the abundance and wealth protocol listed in the protocols system.
   Would you mind putting that protocol up, it sound interesting.
   Also is there a Booty Call protocol to help mans get females, but it's legal, healthy
   and consensual?

   And look forward to your next show. Good information you giving out, James.

(Mar 10, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   that enought let everyone at least use their real first name in every post. Let just do that.

(Mar 10, 2011) Anonymous said:

   It create a interactive living consciouness secrad grid metrex field net work that symbiotic with it user and the earth,akashic field ,God AND all univers

(Mar 10, 2011) BraveHeart said:

   I enjoy reading the Real Technology section. There are cones in our eyes.
   The device have cones that use the torsion field. Our eyes can use torsion field.
   Our eyes is torsion field generator, but it is biological and cellular.

   And our ear have a seashell in it like the seashell in the device.
   The seashell is biological made from cells.

   All the device need is vocal cord or voice box so it can speak to other people.

   The device is alive biological being.
   Dear Kosol Ouch, can you explain how the device is alive but it not truly biological?
   Thank You.

(Mar 10, 2011) James said:

   Wow Dennis thats a pretty amazing result there. You are really gifted when it comes to astral travel. The Neo will help enhance that ability within you many fold.

(Mar 9, 2011) Dennis said:

   I forgot I used the "Psychic Abilities" Protocol... I will continue to use this for about one month before I proceed with other experiments.

(Mar 9, 2011) Dennis said:

   I recieved my IDL-12 today and by the way very professionaly done James...But this is not the reason I am writing this day. I used it for one hour session I did the protocol then sat back with my eyes closed and during that 55 minutes I noticed lot's of hypnogogic images coming and going. I finished up said meditation and decided to lie down to go to sleep but my mind was so energized yet my body was tired I could not sleep. When I stopped forcing myself to go to sleep I just laid there when all the sudden my body seemed to turn 280 degrees to the south of me and then I was sliding off my bed and stopped in mid-air and then I was turned around facing North again when I was slinged shot across the galaxy! I was traveling the speed of light I thought is this cool or what! As I was racing across space and time a voice from behind me kept calling me I immediately stopped in my tracks and looked behind me and saw I was out of the galaxy. What had happened to make this short lived was my carbon dioxide detector went off due to bad batteries and my wife got worried and started yelling for me to come help her. Yikes! Speak of being interrupted! I slung back at the speed of thought and waken not too happy I might add to fix it. If this is what one hour can do for me one who could never leave the room when out of body or get out of body was now traveling the speed of thought I can't wait to see 100 hours from now. Thanks Kosol and James for a wonderful product and I am committed to my task for my blog. This will not go into my blog until I have complete data of my experiences.

(Mar 7, 2011) James said:

   Brave heart thats a good idea , i want to put more work into editing the shows but time is limited due to my busy schedule. When i get more sales perhaps i can hire some people to help me out in this.

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(Mar 7, 2011) James said:

   Sky you can use the device up to 4 hours a day safely. We don't know what happens beyond that so we dot recommend it. The darker the better, doesn't have to be completely dark. Use the candle if need be. Ive done this meditation before outside in the evening hours and asked the sirians to make a fly over and they did.

(Mar 7, 2011) Dennis said:

   One person asked me how in the world am I going to reach 256 hour on this device. Simply by doing 2 hours each day for 5 days a week and on my weekends 3x a day each one hour session for those two days it will equal around 64 hours a month...simple math...How simple to do is another question entirely! James maybe correct by telling me becareful honestly I have no idea how powerful this unit is or what ramifications will happen if I follow the presribed plan. I am not trying to race anyone here my aim is simple get to the 256 hours by discipline and for the love of uncharted territories and that's all.

(Mar 6, 2011) SkySong said:

   Attn James - would really appreciate it if you could check out my previous posts and answer the couple of questions I have regarding the devise. I know this section is suppose to be about "user experiences" (which I already wrote about) but I don't want to purchase it and put in the time using it without doing it correctly.


(Mar 6, 2011) BraveHeart said:

   Thanks James and Kosol. I enjoy reading the Real Technology section, it has more
   information than before. I understand things better from reading it. Agartha and Telos sounds cool. They got replicators for real? I need them to give me one.

   James, on your next show or future show, how about you connect with the people from Agartha or inner earth with the device and do downloads or transmissions. Do you think they would mind that?

(Mar 6, 2011) James said:

   Braveheart thank you for your questions, I often wondered about that myself. Kosol helped me put together a updated version of how this technology works on the "real technology" page. Please go there and scroll down and begin reading after you see the picture of the Tetrahedron. That should shed some light on this matter. Thanks

(Mar 6, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Kiss keep it simple and spiritual. Now that all I can siad .

(Mar 6, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Brave heart ur have much to learn about this technology . This technology is symbiotic to the user and collective consciouness . The cone generate and draw the chi ,the copper layered core concentrate the chi into a point,the hairs is the program a.i. And consciouness of the device. This is guardians galactic federation principal technology for this device.

(Mar 6, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Hello everyone can some go to the ' what is the neo? ' section to see if it is working. when I went into it the section is blank . But other section work. I use my cell phone the t mobile galaxy sasung. Let me know if the section work for u.

(Mar 6, 2011) BraveHeart said:

   Dear Kosol Ouch. Do I understand your physics correctly?: The copper cones create a torsion field around the core. Therefore there is spin and kinetic energy, all the time.
   When you say "device activate", what is activated?

   My only conclusion is that the device
   has its own consciousness. If it has its own consciousness then why do you need the copper cones? Why not just wrap the seashell/rock/hair in a ball of copper foil? Much easier to make and mass produce.

   Basically, if your device is torsion field generator, why do you need the core? Why not
   just just build it with cones only? Because we cannot communicate with the cones.
   It seem to me the cones have no affect on the core consciousness.

   Please correct my understanding, Kosol Ouch. Consciousness is in the core of the device,
   the torsion field is in the cones. WHY DOES CONSCIOUSNESS NEED TORSION FIELD?

(Mar 6, 2011) Anonymous said:

   Scalar is torsion field it is also dark energy and dark matter it source is the fifth demension. In short when consciouness field come into our reality mettric it create electromagnetic field and electrogravity ,light , photon, ect.

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(Mar 6, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Conscoiuseness field is scalar it has no demension width,hieght,amplitude ect. It only have movement and direction. You just have desire intent to controll and interact with this consciouness field . Also audio and mental thought command work also.

(Mar 6, 2011) SkySong said:

   Dennis, 256 hours by the 3rd week in June? How many hours a day will you be using it? That was one of my questions before I buy it. Can a person use it more than the stated 30 min. - 1 hr without harmful effects. I would also like to know if the room has to be completely dark when you use it or can it be dimmed by only having a night light or candle lit?

   Would appreciate any info on this.

(Mar 6, 2011) Dennis said:

   Now I understand what all this is about, it comes in splurts to me but once I experience the 12 then I can build a more solid foundation. Thanks James, and Kosol for your in depth analysis. It almost seems like a Orgone generator but more advanced and directed and focused.

(Mar 6, 2011) BraveHeart said:

   Dear, Kosol Ouch. Your device possess magnetic field, is the magnetic field of the device
   same as its consciousness field in shape, form, density and frequency? And when
   you move the magnetic field you can create an electric field and electricity.
   I assume consciousness form have its own unique magnetic field or aura.
   When you manipulate the form you can distort and create a different desired magnetic
   shape to the field. The cone shape seem ideal for this effect.

   I have been studying Dr. T Henry Moray. I'm sure you know of him. I can understand
   tempic field, magnetic field and electric field but I have hard time understanding
   consciousness field. We have thoughts and emotions. Is this consciousness field
   therefore using thoughts and emotions as energy or is it using pure thoughtless

   And last note, what do you think about the Epcot Center design in Disney World?
   It is a sphere made of pyramids. Can you apply this same architecture to the inside
   core of your neo cube device? What foreseeable effects can it produce?

(Mar 6, 2011) Increase of cone said:

   Increase of copper cone,metal foils layer and organic materials will increase the power and the effiency of the device.

(Mar 6, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Hi dennis as for the sphere thAt is too costly to be build and to uncontroll able for the public forum. So that why a solid state system or solid state zpe device create like the idl 64 & beyound was create. Is more controllable and relliable. The idle 144 is a same metal foil like copper or allumanium or a different metal foils layer like gold 144 layer ,platnium foil144 layer, silver foil 144 layer,copper foil layer 144 and allumanium foil 144 layer but all of these layer are seperated from each other by organic meterial and plastic. Like silk cloth,plant leaf fiber ,human hair with plastic,wood paper with hair, any organic material. In shorts you have gold foil,platmium foil,silver foil,copper foil,and allumanium foil 144 time and all of this different metal layer are seperated from eachother by a organic meterial like hairs or plants leaf fibers ect.

(Mar 6, 2011) James said:

   I want to do a 144 unit made according to the same specs used by the inner earth people in telos and agarthia. Those units had layers of gold, silver, platinum etc.

   Price, well that is yet to be determined.

(Mar 6, 2011) Dennis said:

   Never know if you don't ask! Besides Money is not a huge issue with me, I have been blessed both my wife and I...all that matters is getting these powerful devices seen and used for the locals in my area so they can see beyond sleeping consciousnesses. Maybe worth a leg or two :)

(Mar 6, 2011) LK said:

   IDL-144? that's gonna cost an arm & a leg!

(Mar 6, 2011) Dennis said:

   Thank you Kosol for dropping by...I took the 256 hour challenge my goal is to reach that by 3rd week of June of this year...Not too sure what to expect from all this...Kosol will the Kosol Sphere or something similar be made availble within cost reasons this year? What is the IDL-144 and will it be availble this year??? Thanks for everyone's testimonies great place to be.

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(Mar 5, 2011) The neo is spreading said:

   Hello everyone . Good show jame last night. I know u r updating the website in the 'what is the neo section' . Welcome denese and yes I do read the user experience section. Jame rinks have created the idl 64 is the most powerful device. I know he will later will build the idl 144 or more . Now jame is one of the master builder I am proud of him. Regard kosol ouch

(Mar 5, 2011) SkySong said:

   I just finished listening to radio blog and here is the experience that I felt. When the meditation started it felt like someone had put a rather tight band around my head. It was not painful or uncomfortable but the feeling was very real. I'm assuming it was energy but don't understand why it was so localized. Also, about the middle of the meditation I could feel tingling in my hands but every so slight. Would like to know if anyone else felt the same thing.

   I first heard of this devise only a few weeks ago but now that I've actually experiened something I plan on getting one. There's so many devices on the web now days that you don't know if they're for real or not - and most of them aren't cheap.

(Mar 5, 2011) BraveHeart said:

   After listening to the show. I wrote a letter to the Angel Culture Star People.
   I went to bed and had a lucid dream, then an out of body experience.
   I asked to see my soul's purpose and saw geometric shapes made of light, heard
   security alarms going off, then a female voice telepathically say to me "Look Within".
   I think it was the confirmation I asked for when I wrote the letter. I hope everyone
   be blessed with peace.

   Then I heard another female voice singing a song to me, it was a very positive and
   uplifting song but nothing I ever heard of before. I recalled some of the lyrics, "Through
   the Garden of Eden..." I don't know if anybody knows this song, it would be great if they
   know it. It's a good song.

   Then I dreamed regular dream. I dream my device had my name written on it in big

   The Anti Gravitational Spin serum and Sound Frequency Shift serum had an effect on me, I suppose.

(Mar 4, 2011) LK said:

   or a serum for the Merkaba Activation...

(Mar 4, 2011) BraveHeart said:

   James, I will be bold and suggest two serums for aura astral body that is based on feeling.
   1. Anti Gravity Spin Serum. This help one feel the astral body spinning off of the physical body.
   2. Sound Frequency Shift Serum. This help you distinguish the shift in sound frequency between physical body and astral body. This sound frequency shift will help the person
   feel the shift from the physical to astral body.

(Mar 4, 2011) James said:

   Braveheart I haven't looked at what serums I included for the next show. Usually i write the script about a hour before we go on air. Fell free to make some suggestions and we will consider using them.

(Mar 4, 2011) Dennis said:

   Just purchased the IDL-12 could not wait any longer its like I have to do it now...A friend of mine purchased the 12. He called me up today and told me how powerful it was and the energy is tremendous, he told don't wait get it now this is ground floor with this company. My convictions prove correct prior to talking with him tonight that is why I ordered now instead of the 15th. Now my research can begin, I will keep only with the protocol Kosol recommends after the 250 hours I may create something entirely different. Looking forward James to your next blog broadcast.

(Mar 3, 2011) BraveHeart said:

   Jame, on your upcoming healing show on blogtalk, "Strengthen Aura", are you willing
   to include serums to help listeners better access their astral body to do lucid dreaming and astral travel? The Aura seem to have many layers.
   And I thought that energy is singular but takes on many mediums, states and frequencies.
   For example, chi can be converted into heat. Heat can be converted into electricity.
   Electricity into light. Light into gravity. Gravity into time. And on and on.

(Mar 3, 2011) James said:

   Braveheart, this unit is a ZPE device but it produces ZPE of chi energy not electricity. To answer your question it can produce electricity but only if the components were modified slightly as well as the addition of a joule thief circuit. I'm not a electrical engineer so i am not sure how its done. Maybe down the road we can hire someone to help us out. But I'm thinking it will be after first contact.

(Mar 3, 2011) BraveHeart said:

   I read Adrian story. It fascinating. Can Adrian create usable electricity with his device and
   run appliances with it, like a portable mp3 player? I suppose that the device would send
   electricity through the air magnetically to appliances. Anybody can do that yet?

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(Mar 3, 2011) James said:

   Adrian has our older IDL10 inflow outflow model which is half the power of the IDL12. Your very welcome Dennis. The IDL12 is powerful unit even beginners who have never meditated in their life can feel something from it right away.

(Mar 3, 2011) Dennis said:

   I find that AI recording most outstanding proof of evidence yet to date, congrats Adrian and to James. I have a question for Andrian where you using the IDL-64 or the IDL-12 when all this was going on? I am trying to separate what each one is capable of doing over the other. I anxiously waiting for 16 th to purchase my IDL-12...Kosol I have a million and one questions to ask which would not be feesible here. Kosol I watched your videos online and how frustrated you were with the naysayers about your product and I applaud you for standing up and challenging them to use it for themselves and then come back to you and you know what they won't, they are not going to do anything that will destroy their belief models that they themselves created to protect them from real change. I am all about change, if it wasn't for James tireless energy talking with me and emailing me about Neo I am not sure I would have even considered it. I will be back here again letting everyone know from time to time how my training is going and what I have experienced. I will post the majority at this blog site. this is where I will share most of my experiences and keep James aware along with Mr. Kosol if he decides to peek in once in awhile. Thanks James for your tireless and unselfish efforts you put into your passion about this product and the people you work with I am glad to soon be aboard.

(Feb 24, 2011) James said:

   Not yet LK but i will look into it. In the meantime try using focus 5 hemisync when using the neo. Ask it to help you astral project for x amount of minutes.

(Feb 24, 2011) LK said:

   Is there a protocol for astral projection?

(Feb 23, 2011) BraveHeart said:

   James, I have read many stories where people, adults, have increased their height.
   There was a story of an adult woman who grew bigger feet and got taller, by 6 inches. It
   was due to Ascension energies or changes in DNA. And some people claim they also
   gained latent abilities and powers, such as telekinesis, teleportation and levitation.
   Some are known to be able to shape shift.

   The world is changing, people is changing. There seem to be some kind of energy or
   force stirring things up. Who can say what is possible or impossible. the veils of probability are being lifted. I believe in progress, positive personal progress. No limits.

(Feb 23, 2011) James said:

   LK......its up to you. Right now i use my IDl 64 for 10 minutes a day because its so strong. If you have the smaller unit you may want to stick with 30 minutes a day and slowly work up to 1 hour. Even if you use it for as few as 10 minutes you will get some positive effects. Do as many protocols as you want, its about full trust though. You must not have any doubts.

(Feb 22, 2011) LK said:

   do you guys spend 30-60 minutes doing one protocol? or do you guys do many protocol during one session?

(Feb 22, 2011) James said:

   Interesting, braveheart I been doing that myself, in a way. I imagine what i want to look like and i see a hologram of myself coming out of the star gate and being projected over my body within my third eye. I've had some freaky results doing that. I haven't talked about this public yet but i guess now is a good time as any, I am a fairly short person and I asked the device to give me a growth spurt. Since October of 2010 I have grown about 1/2" taller, not bad despite being 30 years old. So by combing visualizations of your own creative thought processes and the enhanced chi energy of the neo your final result will be morphogenesis. btw you don't need a Neo device to do this, you can do the same thing with daily hypnosis but you have to use your bodies own chi energy , before I was using the neo the most height growth I could get was 1/3" a year.

(Feb 22, 2011) Brave Heart said:

   I think I found a new protocol for the device. It's called Biokinesis Mode.
   What you do is, take a mental picture of your body then sculpt it with your intent using
   a liquid bluish white light and you can add Inject nanites to build the body too.
   You can work on your body and face, bones, muscles, skin, hair. No limits.
   Device, Initiate Biokinesis Mode and then do as you please. No limits with this device.

(Feb 22, 2011) james said:

   To why...... this technology operates on consciousness energy which is based on thought manifestation. Its the same thing as the law of attraction, in fact all of us have the same mechanics of a Neo device built within us (sacred geometry, DNA, scalar wave receivers) however the Neo amplifies this effect many times. I am not familiar enough with Grabovil healing numbers to comment. I think its just easier to tell the device to do what you want instead of using numbers, its all intention really . So any ideas how one could integrate Grabovil numbers into a neo protocol?

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(Feb 22, 2011) Emily said:

   Hi there everyone, my name is Emily I have just ordered the small device and came looking for user experiences. I am in the UK, and would be interested to hear from some of you good people about your device. What you think of it and what are your expectations? hope to hear from you. Em.

(Feb 22, 2011) Why said:

   Is it possible to combine the Grabovoi healing numbers with the Neo?

(Feb 20, 2011) James Rink said:

   Brave Heart nice work there you are getting some interesting effects.... The future is really up to us to manifest because of the law of attraction of all us are independently co creating our own realities. So my future could be different then yours even though we are both incarnated on the same time line.

   Sages and mystics have used sun gazing for centuries to increase chi energy in the body, so its like you say there is probably some sort of energy given off by the sun that is more then meets the eye. Perhaps you could do a sun gazing protocol where you tell the device to give you the same effects as say one hour of sun gazing?

(Feb 20, 2011) James said:

   LK thats a good idea but i need to be able to channel info and right now I'm not at that level. However i know someone who can and wants to join in the show and offer free readings. What i like to do is instead of a once a week show, do this once every other week for a hour, so that he can channel downloads of information. My schedule is just too busy right now to do this once a week for a hour. At least until i can get some more help.

   Also yes once you are familiar with the torsion energy you can use it remotely however you have to use your own chi energy to create any kind of psi effects. When the device is near you its more powerful because you use its chi energy as well.

(Feb 20, 2011) Brave Heart said:

   Anybody have success with using the device to see the future?
   I asked to see the future, and got the feeling response and sentence
   "Can you exist independent of the Universe?" I answered If I don't exist,
   the Universe will continue to exist. But if the Universe does not exist, will
   I exist? The device make me more philosophical.
   As I asked to see the future, I got the feeling response that Can time
   exist independent of me? I answered I don't know, I think by my existing
   Time exists.
   We get light and heat from the Sun, but I feel there are other things that the Sun
   gives us that we are not aware of. I shall continue to investigate these matters and
   use the Device to philosophize, as well as actualize.

(Feb 20, 2011) LK said:

   is it possible to remotely use the IDL if you're nowhere near it? ie. astrally or remote influencing, etc.

(Feb 20, 2011) LK said:

   ...justed listened to the blogtalk...can't you use the idl-64 to communicate with the ET and ask for more info about how to fully use the IDL?

(Feb 18, 2011) James said:

   LK I tried finding a forum but i couldn't locate anything decent do you have any suggestions? I'm thinking about integrating a face book plug in. But i know some users don't like face book. Any recommendations? LK as for your other question..... You don't need anyone else to activate your DNA that is a personal path you most do. If you tune yourself into the universe and ask it to activate your DNA then you shall. Ask and you shall receive. Also make sure your living your life according to the laws of creation, without ego is the key!

(Feb 18, 2011) James said:

   To why.... as we enter into the 5th dimension and become multidimensional beings, the human body will only need 2 hours a sleep a day.

(Feb 18, 2011) LK said:

   there should be a forum...

(Feb 18, 2011) LK said:

   I have my dna activated (verified by psychics and healing friends), but I haven't experienced anything out of the ordinary. Any thoughts on this?

(Feb 18, 2011) Brave Heart said:

   I interface with IDL-4.
   I don't know how to quantify if my DNA strands are increasing or enhanced from the
   use of the device. All I do is inject nanite serum this and nanite serum that.
   I like to ask the device to inject serotonin serum and melatonin serum.
   I use the device for about 1.5 months. And I always talk nice to the device.
   But I have heard strange music before I ever use the device. I think it may be my
   chakras. The music always trigger me out of body and brain electrical sensations.
   I hear it when I am sleeping. I don't do drugs and have good mental balance.
   Can the device control the kundalini? Can your device communicate with my device
   and do downloads?

(Feb 18, 2011) Why said:

   .... nearly impossible to fall sleep ....
   Is this healthy?

(Feb 18, 2011) James said:

   After using the IDL 64 for 2 weeks I been having many lucid dreams and i also noticed i find it nearly impossible to fall sleep. This may be explained that the unit causes your brain wave frequencies to shift and remain in the alpha/theta range which is characteristic of being in meditation and relaxed. I since reduced my time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes a day and the sleeping issue went away. In time my body will get used to the the device allowing me to become a multidimensional being one which only needs 2 hours of sleep a day. I recommend users to get a IDL-12 and use it for a few months before even trying the IDL64, because its so powerful and takes time to get used too.

(Feb 18, 2011) Dennis said:

   What happened was your Chakra's all opened up and allowed the expansion of your energy body thus allowing your astral body to go to the astral dimension. Did you use the IDS4 or 12? If so how long have you been using it before this happened to you? No matter it was a simple string of events.

(Feb 17, 2011) Brave Heart said:

   when I sleep I heard music of Bells and Gongs, then my brain frequency
   activated or enhanced, I rolled out of my body and got sucked into some
   portal of light

   Can someone tell me what happen to me? Did I achieve something?

   I like uplifting stories and ideas
   I like siddhis powers and yoga meditation

(Feb 12, 2011) To why which unit u have said:

   Why, which unit u have. The all out flow or the combination of outflow and inflowmbination also what is ur name. As well I need to see a picture of ur device. I think u build them wrong

(Feb 11, 2011) Anonymous said:

   I guess it helps to have more DNA activated...

(Feb 11, 2011) James Rink said:

   i didn't notice much difference too until my 50th 60th hour of use. It was a subtle change i was overall more calm and focused on my day to day life. Around hour 100 i started getting my remote viewing abilities opened up without the assistance of the device.

(Feb 11, 2011) Kosol ouch said:

   Check out the new protocol on website

(Feb 11, 2011) Why said:

   Dear Kosol. I build the device for my own. I spend a lot of time, money and also love to build this unit. So therefore i am the creator of my device. I practice more than 30 hours with the device and nothing happens until now. And last but not least i trust in you that this device work well. So, people like me need a lot more help from you. Maybe a new protocol or a good tip for a working meditation system. Thank You

(Feb 11, 2011) Anonymous said:

   some people use it for other stuff, not just healing...

(Feb 10, 2011) Anonymous said:

   any more question hit me up .. regards kosol ouch the creators of the device .

(Feb 10, 2011) to why from kosol ouch said:

   hello " why " i see where you are scaring the device . remember this device is alive and consicouness so it your accepting of it . meaning that you needed to work togather with the device. by accepting it and trusting it completely. that the hidden trick all you have to siad is that you trust the device completely once you feel the tingleling and really meant what you siad that you trust it . the device is smart it know when you are serious and it know when you are lying. the tingleling is the device way of communication that it is linked or interfacing with you. once you reach a certian accepting of the device then the device open up to you. remeber this device is alive and it has feeling so treat the device with respect and accepting. then it will show you God and the univers. so trust and accepting is the key. just trust the device and relax that all the hidden trick you needed. regards kosol ouch the creator of the device .

(Feb 8, 2011) Why said:

   Many people feel tingling but cannot say it was a benefit.
   Only one person so far has healed itself.
   Until now really disappointing results.
   Why? Is there a hidden trick?

(Feb 6, 2011) Anonymous said:

   The device can be uses to fAcilitate a healing session on unconscioun and conscioness individual

(Feb 2, 2011) Zenmaster said:

   I really like the IDL-12. It probably took about 5 minutes to really start to feel it's energy. I have been meditating for many years and have also been involved in energy work for a few years also. I could definitely feel and see it's power. It's almost like it's "alive". Really great. Each time I use it there is more power and more clarity. I remote viewed the Ark of the Covenant and I saw it contained a very similar technology. Wild!

   I have done about 4 meditations with it so far and each time is more impressive, the energy kind of surrounds and "pulls".

   I have been clairvoyant all my life but it comes and goes until this past year, the IDL seems to be waking it up even more and making it more controllable. I also had Shaktipat energy sessions with a guru earlier this year which helped. I think the IDL could also be used to send Shaktipat equivalent to the IDL user. I am trying to think of even more ways to utilize and test the capabilities of the IDL. I think we are only limited by imagination here. I spend about 2 hours a day with the unit, and still I don't want to stop.

(Jan 25, 2011) kosol ouch said:

   i am the developer of this technology and i tell you this technology is incrideble indeed.
   anyone who wanted a very serious deep meditation all the time when they do it . this device is awesome. it work very well for me as well for all that uses it .

(Jan 23, 2011) Keith said:

   The Neo device is a fantastic work of art and technology. I have been using the Neo for about 2 weeks and the difference in my meditations is incredible. I have been serious about meditation for 15 years and the Neo has taken me to inner realms and experiences that would take someone a lifetime of solitude and meditation to ever reach consistently. I encourage everyone who is serious about spiritual development to purchase a Neo.

(Dec 10, 2010) James Rink said:

   I have noticed this technology has helped me be less stressed out even under tense situations. This technology has helped reduce my PTSD and anxiety issues tremendously more so then the other therapies which I tried such as biofeedback, medication, talk therapy, and even hypnosis. I am on hour 90 and do not plan on stopping until I get to 250 hours of use.

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