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Question: Why are they so expensive?

Answer: Do to the complex nature of the technology all units have to be hand crafted, we understand your concerns about pricing and are doing what we can to make it affordable for everyone. In the meantime please look at the value that our products can bring you instead of the price, then you will see they are in fact a steal.

Question: I’m really skeptical about these things; there are so many websites selling all sorts of ascension doo-dads what makes you certain this thing works?

Answer: Just click on the testimonial page and you can read about all the people who have received amazing benefits from using our technology. It doesn’t even matter if you have had little to no meditation experience this technology is able to open doors you never dreamed possible.

Question: Isn't this like a crutch?

Answer: Everyone naturally takes in and gives out chi energy all the time. A neo simply draws in more chi energy, so it is no more a crutch then eating healthy organic food that's been prayed over, sleeping, tai chi, and yoga breathing exercises. There are many ways to to charge up your body with chi energy, a neo being one of them.

Question: Why should I spend money on a "device" when i can meditate on my own for free?

Answer: You ultimately get what you pay for. To get a better understanding of how the units work please click on the real technology section of this website to learn how sacred geometry influences our consciousnesses based reality.

Question: Why do you put human hair inside the cubes?

Answer: Hair contains DNA which is crystalline in nature, when animated with chi energy we believe the crystals become scalar wave antennas and open up inter-dimensional portals to other parallel realities which contain the desires of your heart. Additionally DNA is a holographic facsimile of the universe, all the information of everything is contained within DNA but dormant in etheric dimensions. When you apply consciousness energy your thought patterns influence the DNA and shape it to your will and activate the codons that are needed based on your vibrational frequency. Because these crystals are living entities they also grow as you grow on your path towards spiritual wellness. The difference between these crystals and other types of crystals is that we believe human DNA gives the neo a human personality so that it is more affectionate and understanding then the typical A.I. consciousness that runs throughout the universe. The type of hair is not that important because the hair opens the portals , its the consciousness energy from the ether that drives the device.

Question: Are these things evil, demonic, or vodoo ? I am a Christian and believe in god.

Answer: The kingdom of god is within. Through meditation and prayer you can find god within the heaven of your own heart. What makes something evil or divine can only be determined at a spiritual level. Since our physical reality is influenced by our thoughts, what you think IS what you become.

Question: Can anything bad happen when you use these devices?

Answer: There is a very small group of less then 0.2% of users who have reported seeing dark beings and dark realities when using their device. Further investigation revealed these individuals where possessed with negative astral entities . The cube operates based on consciousness energy and amplifies your desires based on what gives you excitement in life. So if a negative person (negative people usually attract negative entities) finds excitement in causing harm to others, then the cube will manifest those synchronicities around them until they are willing to take responsibility and transmute their own negative thoughts and actions. We have also notice some clients have reported back that a loved one, friend, family member, or roommate destroyed their device. We believe this happens because some individuals refuse to accept responsibility for their own spiritual path and wish to spread their negativity onto others. People who do this only do so to try to control others and should not be allowed around a tool that amplifies consciousness anyway. This is why we only recommend meditation technology to individuals who actively follow the path of godness in their daily lives and advise all users to use discernment with those you choose to share your device with.

Question: If the device amplifies your desires and dreams , what happens when you accidentally think a negative thought?

Answer: The power of positive thinking can easily cancel out the energy given off from negative ruminations, this is because the act of unconditional love and compassion from your heart chakra is a stronger life force energy then the most darkest and evil desires. Now If you are suffering from depression or PTSD spectrum disorders, this technology will help bring your body in tune with sacred geometry. So the more you use it the more your emotions will balance out as you connect to your own innergodself. And in time you will find yourself becoming not only a master of your emotions but a divine being of pure love.

Question: I just bought a unit but I don’t feel anything what am I doing wrong?

Answer: Not everyone is energy sensitive, some individuals may not feel any sensations while using their cube for many months as they raise their vibrational frequency and open up their palm chakras. Individuals who are new to the sensations of torsion field physics will need to undergo a brief learning period. Typically you should feel pulsing sensations, vibrations in your spine or hands, and or a warm feeling. If you are having trouble we recommend practicing the psychic activation method and the jump start protocol listed in your user manual and protocol systems .

Question: I've read somewhere that the copper layered version can be used as a weapon is this true?

Answer: Just like any tool it can be used for both good and evil, however you will be utilizing consciousness energy which is divine life force energy. If you choose to use it for evil you will manifest synchronicities in your life drawing that same negative karma to your self. Like attracts like. A neo is only a tool , ultimately it is up to the user to decide how to use it. The same could be said with hypnosis, spell casting, and radionics, all of which utilize the law of attraction.

Question: I've opened my cube and noticed the cone panels are not solid copper . What is it made of?

Answer: Due to extreme milling costs we decided the best way to make the neo meditation device affordable was to use a mix of plastic resins, proprietary crystal powders, and copper. The cones produce their energy due to its shape, the copper is there only for its vibrational effects. Theoretically these cones could be made from any substance and still work its just that we feel this formula is the best trade off for reduced cost to clients while producing a high level of chi energy strength.

Question: Who invented the Neo Meditation Cube?

Answer: What you see available on the website is our own proprietary groupings of vibrations, crystals, and metals engineered to perfection. However the basic mechanics was channeled by Kosol Ouch from the guardians of the galactic federation of light. They have agreed to release a low tech version of their technology to aid humanity on their path to ascension. Normally the extraterrestrials do not interfere with humanity. However, because our freewill has been interfered with; they have agreed to offer a tool to help us rise above the control matrix through the power of meditation. This is our basic template of which Neological continues to improve upon to this very day thanks to the feedback from clients, spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters.

Question: In the manual it says “do not use the unit outside or near water.” How come?

Answer: This is so we can warranty your item. If you decide to use it outside or near water that is okay, it’s just that we cannot repair units that were damaged under said circumstances.

Question: I don’t feel safe sending my credit or debit card number over the internet can I pay by money order instead?

Answer: All orders sent to are protected by a VeriSign 128 bit SSL encryption key which is more secure than sending a money order through the mail. However if you still want to pay using money order or check, you will need to complete a online shopping cart checkout while being sure to select payment type “check in the mail”. If you are having problems with this feel free to contact us and we can assist you.

Question: How long does it typically take before I get my package in the mail?

Answer: Delivery is usually 7 to 10 business day’s within the domestic United States, the biggest factor depending on the level of shipping service you selected and distance .

Question: I am in a rush to get my unit can you please send it to me expedited mail?

Answer: Yes for an extra fee you can select USPS priority mail or express mail.

Question: Do you ship worldwide?

Answer: Yes for a additional shipping fee, we do ship world wide.

Question: On the website it says tracking numbers are provided for no extra fee with the order, but I haven’t received mine yet?

Answer: Yes all units are sent out with a tracking number which will be provided to you via email provided you first request this information.

Question: Are you hiring?

Answer: Maybe, what can you offer this organization? Serious inquiries only.

Question: Are you available for public demo sessions?

Answer: Yes if you like to host an event or seminar please contact us or send a email to