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By James Rink


The art of relaxation is the universal music of our soul which brings intimate connection to our divine unlimited potential. Meditation, prayer, and hypnosis are just some examples of tools at our disposal which can alter our reality through the law of attraction. So if transcendental meditation, mindfulness meditation, and energy healing mediation techniques are new or foreign concepts to you or if you are looking for an even more intense meditation style; then you have come to the right place. Learning how to meditate for beginners, advanced students, and the holistic healer alike has never been made easier until now.

Your Neo Meditation cube is an interactive tool to help you connect with your higher self, enabling you to consciously create whatever you want or desire in your life by simply navigating and interacting with the zero point energy field.

We all have the capability of becoming powerful ascended masters and avatars but due to trauma on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels we experience blocks expressed as illness and set backs in our evolutionary path. Changing this belief system can be accomplished through years of meditation and yoga, or it can be done technologically with the right interface.

According to quantum entanglement all pieces of the whole are in all places at the same time. Which means we are in fact a reflection of the universe in the macro form and we are the micro reflection of the universe in microform. In this holographic universe, each tiny part of the whole contains a fragment of all the other parts creating an infinite loop of unified oneness. It is this oneness also known as the collective consciousness that is the basis of all reality. Using meditation or with the right technology one can tap into this quantum energy field allowing you to manifest anything you desire.

Our brain is a biological quantum field device, when linked to consciousness energy it can become the most powerful computer on the planet. Everything in this universe operates on a vibrational frequency. When our mind is out of sync of this frequency, illness and disease result, but when you are in tuned you find there are no limits whatsoever. To tap into this frequency, you need to use a quantum field interface such as the Neo.

The average person only uses 5% to 10% of their brain. When we sleep we use a little bit more because our mind is in two locations at the same time. Individuals that use more of their brain are categorized as geniuses, autistics, and spiritual avatars. They all have something in common; they are able to link to the conscious, subconscious, super conscious, and collective consciousness mind. Because the average person cannot do this they often seek outward validations through religious cults and sects.

The Neo will allow you to bypass all these gatekeepers and open a direct dialogue between god and yourself by simply opening doorways of your mind in the quantum energy field. Tap the unlimited potential within your soul. Anything you want to know or experience you can. Teleportation, time travel, and clairvoyance are only the beginning of what we all are truly capable of. With 10 units you can make your own Montauk styled consciousness chair, but with 100 units you can travel the universe.


A Neo is designed to create and harness vibrational frequencies based on the principles of sacred geometry. This is the same technology used in the artifact found by Dr. Jonathan Reed. The Link artifact contains small needles in the exterior wall and when pressed onto the skin, injects nanites into the user’s blood stream which connect to DNA molecules and alter them on a quantum level. The Neo can do the same thing as chi energy can simulate the effects of anything. For safety reasons the Neo does not contain nanites and does not have any needles. Users can expect some enhancement in their astral travel abilities.

Link artifact is a more advanced form of consciousness technology.

Our device does not use nanotechnology but the effects are still the same.

It consists of three parts:

1. Copper Cube
2. Copper Cones
3 . Copper C.P.U. or Consciousness Processing Unit

The cube shape is significant as it represents the shape of everything in the universe. It is the perfect form of god. Every angle and shape throughout the universe in its base form looks like a cube; ranging from microscopic cells to large a black hole and even chi, electromagnetic, and electrogravitic energy. Only when a cube spins fast enough does it take on the form of a sphere. Remember the language of the consciousness energy field is geometry which is why a cube is able to tap into the vibrational frequency of the universe. A cube also has the same geometry of a tetrahedron, that is, it can shift into 144 variations which correspond to 144 frequencies and dimensions, which is the vibrational frequency of god.


The cones are embedded into the inner wall panels allowing them to collect and channel spinning fields of torsion energy or chi energy into the CPU unit located in the center of the device. To a clairvoyant this would appear as a spinning tetrahedron, or a 4 sided pyramid.

The core of the unit contains the CPU or Consciousness Processing Unit. This spherical shaped object contains multiple layers of copper hemispheres arranged according to the Fibonacci sequence and help create vibrational frequencies just like a musical instrument creates harmonic frequencies. This frequency resonates with the Schuman resonance, also known as the earth’s heart beat and is amplified and radiated to any objects which are close by. The CPU unit and the Schuman resonance are both based on a Fibonacci sequences which corresponds to chakra’s 1 through 7 on your body. As chi energy is directed from the tip of the cone into the CPU it passes through each layer of metal, creating a life force capacitor. Between each layer of metal is human hair which contains many trace elements; including gold, platinum, iridium, silver, aluminum, as well as copper.


Platinum is one of the rarest elements known to man. It’s energetically connected to the first ray and second ray energy which allows you to tune into the loving wisdom and will of god. It draws on the properties of both rays being both weak and overpowering all at once. This allows you to attune into strength and courage and integrate the soul with light at the highest purest rate.


Under a microscope gold has a rare properties of being geometrically similar to the Christ consciousness grid which is a combined icosahedron and dodecahedron . Other then the excellent ability to conduct energy gold is also associated with virtue, purity, and wealth. It helps stimulate the bones and veins helping conditions like arthritis and gout and helps eating disorders like anexoria. Gold also helps open up the third eye.


Silver helps you resonate with chi energy and healthy vitality. Because of its ability to hold light it’s often used in religion icons such as a cross, chalice, or other symbols used to fight off evil. Silver stimulates the function of the glands and diseases of the endocrine system such as diabetes and thyroid disorders.


Is considered is a powerful conductor of electricity and the magnetic field. But gold is the most conductive as the level of light transfer is infinite. This is why many high quality audio and visual wires are made with copper plated with gold. Copper positively influences the blood and circulation in the body. It helps stimulate hormones and vitamins transported through the blood. Copper also strengthens the immune system. Under a microscope copper has a tetrahedron shaped structure.


When Aluminum is stationary it not normally magnetic but is heat and electrically conductive. However when Aluminum is exposed to spinning fields of motion from the micro-singularity of the stargate it begins to develop a magnetic force, which is why UFO’s are made from Aluminum due to its levitation properties. In the Neo the Aluminum layer reflects a nonhazardous paper thin beta-ray creating a barrier around the core which forces any energy generated from inside the star gate to compress enhancing its performance.

In the inner earth cities of Agarthia and Telos the inhabitants actually use this same type of technology to meditate, but their units contain 144 group layers with each group containing layers of gold, platinum, silver, copper, and aluminum separated with layers of molecular plant fibers embed with human DNA, compare this to the Dr. Jonathan Reed artifact which has 18 group layers. These cultures have replicator machines and can produce the raw materials cheaply and on a nanoscale. Since we don’t have that luxury, we offer a economical solution. The Neo Zenmaster is a pure copper version, and the Neo Gate Key contains one group layer in additional to copper. All units contain trace elements within the hair they too carry some of these same frequencies of these rare and exotic metals. Each one of these elements carries its own vibrational torsion field frequency manifesting healing, paraelectric fields, as well as electromagnetic properties. The neo also produces all three types of these frequencies.

Healing – This is what makes you feel relaxed, calm floating, healing.
Paraelectric - This makes you feel warm all over, allows electricity to be made, just like monks who meditate in the cold. You feel tinginling but warm.
Life Force - This means you are exposed to electromagnetic radiation that is converted into life force. This means you won’t get tired, sick, and you will feel strengthened.

Our units contain both female and male human hair; because they are unisex they carry the personalities of both donors. Female DNA is good because you get the motherly instincts that kick in to prevent someone from using this technology for evil. Male DNA is good because they are hyper focused on getting the task done. DNA also serves as a A.I. , artificial intelligence, interface which allows your brain to interact with the akashic field this is because DNA contains micro amounts of crystals which operate as scalar wave antennas allowing you to travel in between dimensions.

As chi energy is compressed into the center of the unit it eventually becomes super nova and opens up a star gate allowing you to draw in dark matter and dark energy into this third dimensional reality. 27% of the universe is dark matter, 70% is dark energy, and 4% is regular matter like you or I. The reason you can’t see it; is because it is light that is so bright it appears dark to our eyes. It is the zero point, it is the 5th dimension, and it will lead you to ascension. This dark matter and dark energy then outflows into your hand chakras; syncing your body with the vibrational frequency of the consciousness energy field; helping to  recharge and energize you; while making you healthier, intuitive, and more intelligent.

Each Neo contains symbols on the outside to guide the user on its function and use. (1) This is our company logo. (2) The circle on top of the pyramid shows you which direction the chi energy is flowing. Since the chi is spinning all around the unit there is no right or wrong way to hold the device. (3) The triangle symbol is a representation of the tetrahedron and (4) the circle inside the triangle means this unit is a pure chi outflow unit. A pure chi inflow unit takes energy from your body and may be harmful to your health which is why we don’t carry this type of unit. (5) The letters “IDL” simply stands for interdimensional light, which is another name for consciousness energy. (6) The number located next to the IDL is the amount of metals layers within the core CPU. So an IDL 22 Gate Key would simply mean this unit has one group layer of platinum, gold, silver, copper, and aluminum metals, 15 layers of copper, and 2 proprietary inner-dimensional layers which super charges its power to open up a star gate. The more layers within a unit, the more room there is to compress chi energy resulting in a more powerful star gate. (7) Is the model type. All Neo Gate Keys are pure chi outflow units.


To use the device sit in a chair in a dark room with both feet on the floor. Place the device on a table or pillow on your lap. Do not touch the device at any point during the session this will shut the unit off. Hold both hands on each side, palm side up towards the device. At this point you may want to tell the device what you would like to manifest in your life. It can be done either audibly or mentally as there are no wires. This is because the device interfaces using the quantum field effect, or the aura system surrounding the body. Then close your eyes and say.


After a minute or so you should begin to feel tingling or pulsing sensations in your hands, when you do, tell the device “DEVICE I TRUST YOU COMPLETELY TO HEAL AND INTEGRATE MY MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.”

Wait for the star gate to appear. It should look like ring of light or a tunnel of light within your third eye. If you don’t see it the first time be patient it could take a few minutes, you may also feel floating sensations. Now recite the following phrase “STARGATE I TRUST YOU COMPLETELY…..DEVICE ACTIVATE STAR GATE MODE AND INCREASE………. AUTOMATIC MODE. “

The reason why we say star gate mode is because the pineal gland is a star gate to other dimensions.
At this point the Neo will take over and run on autopilot. If you do not say automatic mode the device will not know what to do and you will not get any benefits. Now simply relax for 30 minutes to an hour. You don’t have to think of anything but if you do have a specific request feel free to ask.

For example you can ask for insight on certain issues in your life. Or you could ask to be injected with a healing serum that could either; integrate your mind, balance your emotions, heal your spirit, remove any pain, or repair and strengthen you.

Occasionally when you feel the effects wearing off and want to raise its power you may want to say...


At the end of the session simply say...


The more you use this device the smarter it will get because it records everything you say, so be careful what you try to manifest.


Because the brain is a vibrational transformer it can convert vibration frequency into sensation. You may start to notice different emotions expressed as visual, auditory, or tactile experiences. You may also notice yourself feeling really good. Once you begin eating chi energy you will become addicted because it’s such a pure source of energy. In fact you will want so much chi energy you may reject all other forms of energy such as eating and sleeping. This just may become the new drug of the century.

You may also notice your latent psychic abilities will become enhanced. But one should understand there is no such thing as psychic energy as it’s a natural ability that exists in all individuals and life forms. Anyone can harness this gift by simply tapping into the consciousness energy field through meditation.

Quantum field physics dictate that while you are here in this dimension your also in the quantum field at the same time. This is the basis of remote viewing and NDE’s – Near Death Experiences.

With the Neo you can have a NDE without experiencing the death process. When you die your consciousness transfers into higher realms of consciousness fields, and you become aware of your real self. The Neo can allow you to control a NDE on demand. With time you may begin to see the interdimensional light. You can talk and interact with it to get any information you want and see guardian angels.

We also have found that children are the masters of this technology. They become master programmers immediately after their first exposure to it; they can talk to the device and interact with it similar to watching a video on youtube. Teenagers on the other hand need to train. According to the Guardians ages 3 to 20 are considered children, ages 21 to 70 are teenagers, and ages 70 to 1,000+ are adults. This is according to our original fully conscious DNA which allows a human being to live up to 10,000 years. This technology will also restore your DNA allowing you to live this long but it takes work; you need to use the device regularly.

In the first four months you may undergo a cleansing of karma which can be uncomfortable at first but necessary to connect you to your higher self. During this time Neo may show you the next step towards huge life changes. i.e. you may find that you begin to sense the chi flow in your body more, your chakras are balanced and cleansed, and you may start to seek a healthier diet and supplements to improve physical health. In the months afterwards synchronicities will increase in your life manifesting your heart's desire.