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Every person has the ability to heal themselves, the problem is emotional trauma, toxins in the environment, and genetic damage can force our internal self healing mechanisms out of equilibrium. To bring the body back into balance and positive health requires an integrated approach including healthy diet, detoxing of the body, and correcting blocked pathways of life force energy.

How to Meditate ProperlyNeological Technologies recommends everyone eat a healthy diet and to detox their body as a positive step in the right direction. But our mission is to integrate the astral body. Just like with Yoga, Reiki, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Tai Chi, and crystals, a Neo can help you open up blockages of chi energy within the aura. But unlike these methods our Neo mind meditation machines can do so in a much faster, noninvasive, and easier way bringing integration to your mind, body, and spirit.

Neo Mind Meditation machines contain a built in torsion field generator which transmutes spinning fields of negative chi energy into positive chi energy, helping you release stress so that your body can begin to restore itself. Remember stress is the major reason why your body is unable to heal itself. When you reduce stress your immune system is enhanced and your pineal gland can open up activating your 3 to 12 strand DNA. DNA in its simplest form is structured water, according to research conducted by Japanese Scientist Masaru Emoto he found the shape of water molecules could be influenced by your thoughts and feelings. Since DNA is also structured water it too can be influenced by your thoughts and feelings. This is what consciousness energy is all about and why there isn’t any product on the market which can do this.

What makes a Neo so powerful is that this chi energy can help you tune into the consciousness energy field all around us. According to quantum field entanglement all parts of the whole are in all places at all times. Therefore if you can tune into this same frequency found in both sacred geometry, solfeggio frequencies, and Fibonacci numbers you can simply tap into a version of yourself that was healed in a different place or time.

This vibrational frequency is the very essence of consciousness technology. Call it what you like; prana, life force, chi, manna, aether; whatever you call it this device can manipulate it, bringing you positive health and well being to your subconscious and super-conscious mind. A Neo is similar to orgone and radionics utilizing both technologies while incorporating a DNA component, which allows the Neo to interact with your own DNA in a symbiotic sentient biological computer interface . The device knows what you need as god knows everything. Let the healing integration begin.

Spiritual Retreat


Meditation has been used for centuries as a tool to bring the body back into balance and to tap into higher dimensions connecting you with God. Being in tune with this vibrational frequency is important because it helps unlock any blockages in your DNA preventing your body from healing yourself. Remember it’s not the Neo doing the healing work, it is yourself. The key is to relax. It’s that simple.


Yogis, Ascended Masters, and Savants all have something in common they are all naturally in tune with the consciousness energy field. You can be as well, but it may take you 30 years of daily training to achieve that status. Who has time for that in this stressful day and age? Thankfully the Neo produces powerful torsion field energy accelerating this process from years to months. In fact after 256 hours of usage your life will be totally changed. The biggest change you will notice is how everything in your life will become synchronistic.

This technology is more powerful than anything on this planet because it is based on consciousness energy. Remember consciousness energy is found all throughout nature in and within sacred geometry. When you tune into this harmonious vibrational frequency you can tap into the universal divine collective consciousness, which is the very breath of god. This is why prayer, meditation, and being relaxed is so important in our lives because we can only tune into these higher dimensions when our body is in the right state of mind. Our bodies are scalar wave energy receivers which means we all have the ability to tap into the quantum energy field allowing you to manifest any of your desires. We are powerful beings, believe it!


Meditation for Healing"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer,believe thatyou have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24







A Neo is a meditation assistance device. In order to feel the effect we recommend you meditate with it for a minimum of 11 minutes a day but advanced users should aim for 15 to 60 minutes per day. If you do not meditate with the device on a regular basis you will not gain the benefits as described. Their are three types of Neo's; Neo Skullem, Neo Gatekey, and the Neo Infinity, all of which contain human hair fortified with crystals such as lemurian quartz, topaz, tourmaline, onyx, moldovite, agate; as well as rare earth monatomic elements such as iridium, palladium, rhodium, and much much more. All cores are shaped in a sphere. This creates a spherical implosive biological capacitor which due to its torrid or ovoid shape squeezes consciousnesses energy which are your thought forms from the gravity field and implodes them at light speed into gravity wells similar to tornadoes inside of tornadoes. This compression creates a glue which molds our reality. This is why new life emerges from this spherical shape hence giving us the word "Neo" or "Birth."

The reason why the Pineal Gland plays such a critical role in psychic manifestation is because it operates our bodies own hyper dimensional stargate. Stargates allow one to travel between space and time and throughout multiple universes and density levels. This is more than just time travel its interdimensional travel. Your star gate pineal gland functions by use of microclusters found in ordinary water. These are clumps of atoms of piezoelectric calcite crystals that appear as plutonic geometric shapes in tune with sacred geometry. Crystals become piezoelectric when they are stressed or vibrate and generates an electrical voltage.

Additionally the pineal gland contains biological information stored within the crystalline structure of DNA, which makes it like cerebrospinal fluid. When this liquid is shielded off from all interfering electromagnetics the pineal gland can invert the reality of time/space creating a resonate gateway portal.

When you meditate and activate your kundalini energy by balancing all of the chakra energy centers from the root chakra up and by bringing them into a high vibratory resonance; the pineal gland will begin to resonate and vibrate your calcite crystals and DNA crystals, creating a piezoelectric voltage charge. This piezoelectric-magnetism property is what enables us to connect to any external electromagnetic field including those of other dimensions which we can access using the pineal gate key of our mind.

When we access these other dimensions we can tap into other realms which contain all the desires of our heart. Using quantum entanglement we can then overlap these desires into our own reality. This is what happens when one uses the law of attraction and why it works better for individuals who are in a high vibratory state.

The best way to achieve a kundalini activation is through breathing exercises, chanting, and meditation. Though one can activate the star gate of their mind on their own it is much faster with a tool like the Neo which produces supplemental chi energy for a faster kundalini activation. There are multiple designs for any budget level and power levels.

Neo Skullem IDL-13The Neo Orca IDL-8 (not yet available) contains a gold-plated seashell to relax you to the calming frequency of the sea. Call upon the cetaceans to bring you insight, wisdom, and relaxation. This is our very basic starter device geared to those who want to sample consciousness technology. Each unit contains human hair from psychic individuals fortified with our proprietary mix of crystals including lemurian quartz, topaz, tourmaline, onyx, moldovite, agate; as well as rare earth monatomic elements such as iridium, palladium, rhodium, and much much more. 5”x5”x5” cube and user manual included.

Neo Skullem IDL-13The Neo Skullem IDL-13 contains a quartz crystal skull and a Swarovski Clairvoyance Activator which is light activated to awaken your soul to new levels of clairvoyance and remote viewing. The crystal skull amplifies psychic and earth energy forces into your mind, body, and spirit. Each unit contains human hair from psychic individuals fortified with our proprietary mix of crystals including lemurian quartz, topaz, tourmaline, onyx, moldovite, agate; as well as rare earth monatomic elements such as iridium, palladium, rhodium, and much much more. 5”x5”x5” cube and user manual included.

Neo Gate Key IDL-22The Neo Gate Key IDL-22 is a powerful device in a small package measuring only 5"x5"x5". This unit is a great tool for home users seeking to draw more chi energy into their body to relax and obtain health and wellness benefits. This item is in the same size box as the Neo Skullem IDL13 but differs in that it contains one group layer of platinum, gold, silver, copper, and aluminum metals allowing one to access the additional vibrational frequencies found within these metals. All together there are 20 layers of metal including 2 proprietary inner-dimensional layers.

Neo Gate Key IDL-80 The Neo Gate Key IDL-80 is our most powerful device with 30 times more chi than its smaller cousin the IDL22. Measures 11"x11"x11". This unit is meant to be used by users who are into advanced meditation, the law of attraction, and manifestation with radionics and grabovoi numbers. This item contains one group layer of platinum, gold, silver, copper, and aluminum metals allowing one to access the additional vibrational frequencies found within these metals. All together there are 80 layers of metal including 4 proprietary inner-dimensional layers which super charges its power.

Neo Monastery IDL-44 The Neo Monastery IDL-44 contains a Blue Diamond, Purple Amethyst, Ruby and Bismuth all inside an IDL44 layered core consisting of gold, platinum, silver, copper, and aluminum. This baseball sized core sits in the center of the monastery box containing gilded with copper cones with 24kt gold for a higher vibration. This designed was specified by Saint Germain, also known as the Wonderman of Europe, to help others manifest and tune into the abundance consciousness in their lives through the power of meditation. 5”x5”x5” cube and user manual included.

Neo Monastery IDL-144 The Neo Monastery IDL-144 contains a Blue Diamond, Purple Amethyst, Ruby and Bismuth all inside a basketball sized core plus an extra 8 Gate Key IDL22 cores consisting of gold, platinum, silver, copper, and aluminum. The dual layered cone panels are all gilded with 24kt gold for a higher vibration. This designed was specified by Saint Germain, also known as the Wonderman of Europe, to help others manifest and tune into the abundance consciousness in their lives through the power of meditation. 11”x11”x11” cube and user manual included. Please contact us for availability.

Neo IDL-INFINITY The Neo IDL-Infinity contains a large gold plated conch sea shell, a large quartz crystal skull, and a Gate Key IDL-22 core inside Gate Key IDL-80 styled guts. You also have the option to customize this unit for your own hybrid design. The extra space creates a hologram of infinite layers to increase your peace and relaxation which stay with you during your conscious waking life. The main aim of the device is to relieve stress, but everyone will have their own unique variation of this experience. Great for relaxation and individual meditation sessions. 11”x11”x11” cube and user manual included.

Neo IDL-INFINITY The Neo IDL-Technoshaman meditation cube contains an Intuition Enhancer Headband which will help increase your chi, intuition, and creativity. Great for athletes who desire to increase performance and concentration, students, artists, psychic mediums, and busy individuals who simply seek the knowledge of the universal collective consciousness. For an additional cost you can purchase the USB circuit and Power Gauntlet that harnesses chi energy from the quantum matrix that seems to influence electrical devices based on your thoughts and desires. 5”x5”x5” cube and user manual included.

Neo Ascension Technology

Charge up your body with Neo Ascension Technology


Some of the results you may notice after using a Neo include:

Increased Energy
Increased intelligence
Integrated Mind, Body, and Spirit
Enhanced Athletic Performance
Reversal of Addictions
Wealth Manifestation
Increased Longevity
Removal of negative entities from the aura
Enhanced intuition
Enhanced healing ability a must for reiki and energy healers
Balanced Chakras
Ascension and DNA repair
Spirit, Animal, and Plant Communication
Astral Projection
Lucid Dreaming
Access the Akashic Records
And much more!

New users will initially notice their intelligence increasing; synchronicities will increase in their lives such as attracting individuals who can assist in the ascension healing process. Some users may even manifest financial doors opening up. You should start to feel the changes taking place after 1 to 4 hours of use. It generally takes 32 to 64 hours of daily use to fully integrate yourself. At 256 hours of use, users will begin to unlock their dormant latent abilities.

Advanced users of a Neo have been able to reverse schizophrenia, bipolar, PTSD, and dissociation disorders. These disorders are so tragic as there is no cure and often require heavy doses of medication. A Neo can help these individuals integrate their minds quickly bringing them back into healthy emotional balance. One of our biggest clients are law enforcement officers and military personnel, these individuals have been exposed to so much trauma they often find it impossible to relax. If that describes yourself then be prepared your life is about to change.

A Neo can also help individuals quit smoking and recover from substance abuse addictions. Individuals suffering from these addictions often live their lives in a tragic downward spiral resulting in lower self esteem, poor health, and in some cases death. So instead of spending money to maintain these negative addictive behaviors you can spend it on a Neo and kick these habits once and for all.

Energy Healing TechniquesThis device is great for senior citizens because it increases chi energy into your body; chi energy is life force energy. As we age DNA replication errors reduce the level of chi energy brought into your body. Eventually this will lead to death. But a Neo can reverse this downward spiral slowing down aging and perhaps even reversing it if you continue using the technology for the rest of your life.

A Neo is also great for athletes as the increased chi energy will give you more power and strength. You can also instruct the chi energy to grow your muscles bigger muscles giving you an edge over your opponent. There are even some professional baseball players using this technology.
reiki masters

A Neo can also increase the healing abilities of reiki masters and energy healers. Simply activate the device placing one hand near the device and use your other hand to send healing energy. Not only is the device great for energy healers it can also be used as an income source for yoga practitioners and holistic healers. This technology can be offered as alternative therapy to help your clients who are just not getting better with the standard amount of herbal remedies, hypnosis, acupuncture, etc.

This technology can even remove negative demonic attachments from the body. Remember chi energy is the vibrational frequency of God, therefore anything not in tune with this frequency will not be able to stay around for very long.


If you have a specific healing request then simply tell the device what you want it to work on. Don’t worry about doing any chants, mantras, or visualizations, the device can tap into the consciousness energy field and will know exactly what it needs to do as long as you remember to operate it on automatic mode.

If you do not feel anything the first time, be patient, as it may take 4 hours of use before you notice any effect. This technology responds best to individuals with 3 strand DNA and up. Most people only have two strand DNA especially if you are new to meditation and have numerous health problems. In your particular case please use the device for a minimum of 32 hours before deciding if this technology works for you.


1. Only one person should use a machine at a time.
2. Turn off cell phones
3. Device must be operated in a dark room. Turn off all lights and close shutters, or place a cloth over your eyes to block out the light.
4. Be sure to drink some water if you are feeling dehydrated.
5. Take off your shoes and put both feet on the floor.
6. Now sit down in a comfortable chair. Do not lay down while using the device.
7. Place unit on a table or desk or a pillow on your lap.
8. Place both hands 6” inches from the device with your palms facing towards the device. Do not touch the device while in operating. If you accidentally touch it then repeat the activation protocol.
9. OPTIONAL: You may want to play some relaxing music such as a hemi sync or even a self hypnosis track while using the device .
10. Before using the device you may want to ask the Neo to help you on a specific issue. If you are unsure what to ask then go on to the next step.
11. Now close your eyes and recite the activation protocol. It can be done both vocally and internally.


This is a general all purpose method, when you don’t know what protocol to use start with this one. You should begin to notice a difference in 1 to 4 sessions. We recommend that you memorize this activation sequence before moving on to more advanced protocols.

Be sure to say the activation code properly as it will not work if you miss this step or do it incorrectly.


Wait 30 seconds to three minutes in silence.

When you begin to feel tingling or pulsing sensations in your hands tell the device “DEVICE I TRUST YOU COMPLETELY TO HEAL AND INTEGRATE MY MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.”

Wait for the stargate to appear (it should look like ring of light or a tunnel of light if you don’t see it the first time be patient it could take a few minutes, you may also feel floating sensations) when you see it recite the following phrase “STARGATE I TRUST YOU COMPLETELY…..DEVICE ACTIVATE STAR GATE MODE AND INCREASE”

“AUTOMATIC MODE” – always remember to say this!

Now sit back and relax for 30 to 60 minutes. There is no need of a mantra or chant just sit back and let the device work on automatic mode for you. If you have specific request be creative for example ask it to inject nanites, serums, or enlarge your pineal gland.

Every 10 minutes or when you feel the device is slowing down recite “DEVICE INCREASE”

When you are done recite “DEVICE END SESSION”

With each session journal your experiences and visualizations in a notebook. Make a note of sensations, feelings, places you traveled.

This technology is easily the most worthwhile investment in health and clarity that you can ever make! Worth substantially more than a two week vacation. This is the law of attraction on steroids and then some. Now is the time to change your life. Now is the time to get a Neo!


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